Monday, December 21, 2009

Tom Waits again...

I was part of some sort of music conference. 1000yregg was asking if I had met a lot of recording industry people, but I told him that was what my business manager was for. I was supposed to meet up with some girl at a club, but missed her. The next morning, I was having coffee with Tom Waits - sitting at a high table at a sidewalk cafe on a small town main street. I was wearing my grey faux fur jacket, but also had with me a green leather jacket and 2 black leather jackets as well.

Tom said, c'mon let's go, and let's swing by the hotel first. I asked, which hotel are you staying at, and he said the same as you. So we got into a big convertible Cadillac, and I threw all the jackets in the back seat, and as we left, I said, but at some point we've got to go back and pick up the truck (which was Redneckhunter's old Toyota pickup), and Tom said, well, it's Kyle's truck now (Kyle is Redneckhunter's younger brother), and I said, no, you mean, it's Reid's truck now (who is Redneckhunter's youngest brother).

Shark head

Redneckhunter and I were on top of a high balcony looking down on a piano performance. At the end of the concert, the pianist played "God Save the Queen" in British tradition. Just to be contrary though, I stood up and started singing "My country this of thee, sweet land of liberty..." Other people joined in, and when we finished, I caught a woman who looked like Margaret Thatcher, dressed in purple, with a purple face, giving me a dirty look.

Then there was an aquatic show, 2 ginormously large sharks were circling beneath us. They were Jaws-size, cartoonish in proportions (kind of like a wine shark), but still scary enough that I started backing away from the railing when they started jumping. Redneckhunter stayed by the balcony and I watched as one of the sharks leaped over him and engulfed his entire head in its mouth! I ran over and threw my arms around him, but the shark just let go without biting. He was still in shock and just stood there by the balcony, so I dragged him back. His glasses were down around the end of this nose, and his head was slimy and wet, and he had a stunned expression and he was shaking a little. But to be honest, it was pretty cute.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Too much TV

I think I have overloaded on the craptacular "Jersey Shore" show on MTV. My dream was full of muscle dudes living together, only in my dream Michael Cera also lived with them, and he was the one geeky guy who tried really hard to get laid and couldn't.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Fireworks and Fatherhood

Redneckhunter and I were at a fireworks show that was so close overhead that embers were falling down on top of us and singing our hair. No one minded, though, as it was so spectacular.

In a different dream, I was leaving for work very early in the morning. As I was heading to the front door, redneckhunter came running out with a naked little baby girl (presumably our baby), saying "Time to pee, time to pee, time to pee..." And I said, "Where are you going?" He was heading out to our front porch, he said, because she liked to pee out the window. "What?!" I cried, "You can't just let her pee out the window, it's going to become a bad habit. What are we going to do when she goes to school?"

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Enemies all around?

Redneckhunter and I entered a building, and as we walked up the stairs, we both starting hearing a spooky woman's voice telling us to beware, turn back...

We got upstairs and there were other people there, and a man started telling us that he had our backs, no matter what happened, that if someone threatened us, he'd hunt them down and kill them. He was really getting everyone in the room really riled up.

So when the doorknob started turning, everyone was on guard. A man with a machine gun walked through the door, and I pounced on him like an animal. I grabbed the gun, aimed it at his head, clocked him in the head with it and knocked him out. I then grabbed the gun, and started running through the house.

It was chaos, I just shot at anyone that looked at all threatening. I had no idea who was on my side, and who, if anyone, was trying to hurt me. There were a lot of Asians there. Things finally calmed down a little when I realized that most of them were on my side, but it was impossible to tell who and why we were fighting.

The Russian Mob - eh, it wasn't that bad

I was on the patio of the building where I work, and some Russian mob guys were threatening my parents. So I told them to leave my mom alone, and torture me instead. They wanted answers to questions I had no clue about. Mostly, all they did was twist my wrists and arms. It hurt but it wasn't that bad - I was expecting that they'd cut me or burn me, but they didn't. It seemed like they knew I didn't have any answers, and they were just going through the motions. They did however shave my head before they left, and it made me cry (though in my head, I thought, 2 years and it will all grow back.)

When I went inside the cops were there and wanted to take a statement. I also showed them my bag, saying "I think you can probably get some DNA evidence off of this" -- it looked like a shaggy dog had rolled all over it, it was totally covered in hair! They also wanted to do a rape test, though I assured them that I had not been raped. "Honestly, it wasn't that bad," I kept telling them.

Conversation with Felicity Huffman

I was in a library-looking place, with what I think were books stacked on shelves.  Maybe it was an old-fashoned bookstore, but it was well lit, and we were in an open area.  There were a handful of people around.

First the group was having a conversation, and I made a witty reference to something the Dana character says in an episode of Sports Night (I wish I could remember what the reference was).  She had her back to me at the time, and she didn't really react.  I turned to one of the other (anonymous) people and said "I really wish she had heard that."

Friday, December 4, 2009

D's TV obsession

We were watching TV in D's living room. K was there, redneckhunter, and a bunch of redneckhunter's friends. D had multiple TVs set up all over the room sports-bar-style, so that two people could be facing each other, yet still be able to watch the same show on TV.

Inglourious Basterds

1000yregg and I were on a tour of the set of "Inglourious Basterds." He was being a total fanboy, as expected. When the tour cleared out, I was left alone with Ted Danson's character from "Bored to Death" and we started making out on the top bunk of an Army cot. It was getting hot, so we moved to the bottom bunk, and then I noticed that there were people moving around outside the window of the barracks. I looked outside, and it was Princeton. They were filming scenes on Princeton's campus - it was right outside of Spelman dorms, but they were making the scene look like it was shot out in the woods.

Pee dream turns ugly

In this version of my pee dream, I was in a bathroom stall, and I was having a lot of trouble controlling myself. I have never been pregnant or gone into labor, but I imagine that this was similar to one's water breaking. I just let out a torrent of water and blood all over the floor.

This must have been so alarming to the woman in the stall next to me, that she poked her head in under the dividing wall of the stall to see if I was alright. For whatever reason, this REALLY pissed me off. I grabbed her and actually started physically hitting her.

Monday, November 30, 2009

The one in which I act like a jackass

Last night I had a dream where I was in a room with some other people, and they did something to make me feel small and stupid, and I left feeling a little put out.

Then I was walking down a hallway.  It was a sorta futuristic, dark hallway, like something you might see in an episode of 24 in the CTU.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Two jobs

I had this dilemma where I was still working at my old job, while currently at my new job, and I had an evening where I had 3 things scheduled at once. I was sitting in a large ornate theater pondering what I was going to do and which job to give priority to. The one obligation for the old job only required a few minute of time for a film screening, but it was in New York, so precluded being able to do anything else.

So then I walked out onto Lincoln Center Plaza, and ran into a friend and former co-worker. She was running/training. She's about 20 years older than me, so I was impressed that she could run faster than me.

Dog stroller and fashion line

I was walking to work with a co-worker and a woman from my parents' church. Along the way we decided to stop in 84 Lumber and buy a dog stroller for these friends of mine who have a puppy. The stroller came with a doggie sweater too.

When we got to work, we were a bit late so we had to go straight to an auditorium for a presentation. The presentation was the pitch for a new fashion line started by the above friend with the dog (who in real life does work in the fashion industry). I sat next to her (actually I sat between her and her boyfriend) and gave them the stroller. They didn't seem to like it.

Office Space

My office had moved to my parents' house. Most of my parents furniture was still there, but everyone was moving in. I started running around telling people that they couldn't put stuff on the bookshelves, that all that furniture would be taken away because my parent's owned it. I started wondering whether my parents even knew that my office had bought their house...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ghosts and Vampires

True Blood has been off the air for months now, but I had another sexy Eric the vampire dream... sigh...

In the other part of the dream, redneckhunter and I were moving into a big old house. We had a son who was about 7 years old. The house was fully furnished with mid-century modern furniture, and seemed to have 3 separate formal living rooms and 2 formal dining rooms. There was a cool room with eaves that we were making the kid's room.

We had heard that the house was haunted by the ghost of a tall woman. As we walked through the house there were all these red herrings of things/people that might be the ghost. For instance, we saw our son on a couch with a cloaked figure, who turned out to be my brother in a sleeping bag sleeping on the couch.

Later on, we were getting ice cream at an ice cream stand that was in our house. There were other customers in line too. One woman in line looked like Vanessa Redgrave wearing a long hooded cloak, and I wondered if she was the ghost.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Another pee dream

One step closer to my probably inevitable decline to nighttime incontinence. This time in my dream, I actually did wet the bed. Redneckhunter was not upset - what a great guy.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Al-Jazeera TV

My battery for my laptop had exploded (in real life), so it was in the dream. Redneckhunter had it, along with various other computer and electronics devices dismantled in our bedroom. I found an old TV in the corner. It was a 1970s era wooden frame TV set with the side speakers. When I turned it on, all that played on it was Al-Jazeera television. Our landlord is Muslim, so I thought maybe he had left it here. The TV set itself though was Chinese-made, and had Chinese characters on it.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nick Cave, Neil Young, and Skinheads

Only vague recollections of recent dreams but here goes:

1 - I was waiting on the balcony above a large atrium of a monumental building - akin to the modern wing of the National Gallery. A bunch of others were waiting with me - they looked like paparazzi, and all of us were attempting to be nonchalant and ignored each other. One of the other people up there was Nick Cave. Then our target arrived in the atrium below. He was a large muscular but puffy skinhead. He was pontificating below, and at some point there was also a sexual display with two guys going down on him.

2 - One morning, I awoke from my dream saying "But I don't like Neil Young."

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

High School frustration

Dreamed I was back in high school and I was dating a guy who I had a crush on sophomore year. He was a tall skater dude with tawny-reddish hair. In the dream, we kissed a lot, but we hadn't had sex. We did a bit of sneaking around the parents and such. Another problem on the sex front was I found out he had had some accident in which he needed to constantly wear this harness device on his groin/hips.

Lots of walking in Latin America

Redneckhunter and I were living in Latin America, as was my friend Claire. I walked through a bunch of fields, and climbed a couple of stone walls to get to Claire's place one day. We then walked a whole bunch more and down a subway stairwell on our way to meet another friend Holly. I was telling Claire about how we hadn't yet gone to McDonald's while moving here, but that I wanted to go on Christmas.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Banquet for Two

I was at a Chinese banquet, except that only myself and one other guest showed up. But it was enough food for the standard table of 10. There were many courses, but the ones I remember were lobster and giant prawns. I was taking pictures, naturally, for the blog. Then I had a thought akin to "If a tree falls in the woods," if a Chinese banquet is amazing but not really eaten, then was it actually delicious?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Skateboard luge on a highway

I don't remember much about this dream.

Skateboard luge racing on a highway, with regular cars passing and being passed.  Somehow using my hands to push the pavement and accelerate.  Getting passed by another racer and not being in first place any longer.  That's pretty much it.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Invention Convention

Redneckhunter and I were at an Inventor's Competition/Fair. At one point, I had just come out of the shower in our hotel room, and he had misplaced his files on his invention, so I offered to go look for it in our other hotel room across the hall. Rather than get dressed, I just slipped on a button-down men's shirt - didn't bother to button it, nor put on underwear.

While I was in the other room looking through his bag, there was a knock on the door. Assuming it was redneckhunter, I didn't bother to cover up. It wasn't him, in fact it was a large family of people - parents, grandparents, children.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Strangers on a Plane

Redneckhunter and I were running to catch a plane - only the terminal was more like a subway station, and to get to the plane, we ran down an escalator to a train platform where the plane was waiting. The conductor/airline steward yelled at me for running, but as soon as we stepped on the train/plane started moving.

I grabbed a seat that was sideways and elevated a few steps up. There was a girl cooking in the middle of the plane. She was willing to share her food, but I and the others were wary of sharing a stranger's food. She had a Russian accent, and kept offering the food. She had some tomatoes, but she kept calling them berries. I noticed that there were also vending machines, so at least I knew that I could buy something if I got hungry.

I was sitting next to a blond teenage guy with an Amish bowl haircut, and I was wearing a down coat and gloves. The kid said to me, I wondered if you might want to go out with me when we get back home. I said, you live in New York? And he said, well, not really... I knew he couldn't see my wedding ring, so I said, well, sorry, I'm taken.

The 1000yregg came up - but it was 1000yregg before his 50-pound weight loss. Naturally, his concern was where we should eat once we got home.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Snow White and sand pancakes

I had a full-on Snow White and the Seven Dwarves dream. I was Snow White, the dwarves looked like the Disney dwarves, and they were singing the song, only instead of "Whistle While You Work," they were singing "Listen While You Work."

Then we all sat around a very short round table in little chairs and ate sand pancakes. In typical Disney fashion, even though they were absolutely disgusting, we were all very cheery and smiley while eating them.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I couldn't let go.

I was with redneckhunter coming into to our entryway, and I was eating 1/2 of a very large peach. He started peeing and splashed me with pee. I got mad and tried protecting my peach, which only seemed to spur him to splash me more. There was pee spraying everywhere, it was like running under a garden sprinkler, I was completely soaked.

Then, we were in my parents' basement, packing for a trip. We were going somewhere with friends of ours - another couple. Everyone else was packed, they were just waiting for me. I was spending a lot of time packing my carry-on bag - books, mp3 player, headphones, etc. Then it occurred to me, I hadn't actually packed any clothes yet.

Monday, October 26, 2009

I'm regressing...

Last night I was in high school. I can't remember exactly why but I was having a hard time at school, though I was close with one of my teachers - played in the dream by a guy I'm acquainted with who works for my college alumni magazine.

So I came home to find my next door neighbor's house and my house completely painted white. And both houses were adding extensions. In my parents house we were adding on so much more that we were going to take on boarders, so I suggested having my teacher stay with us. There was one point when we were hanging out on a brand new wrap-around porch, and my teacher just gave me a very chaste kiss on the lips. I was a little worried that my parents had seen it.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Geek Olympics & Being a Homebody

I was in an enormous lecture hall, sitting in the front row of a very high balcony - it was so high, and the rows were so steep and narrow, I was a little afraid of falling. It was the college math/science Olympiad, only they were parading the competitors on stage and introducing them to cheering crowds as if it were a sporting competition, though in reality, people were cheering but also laughing a little at the massive geekiness. One of the announcers introduced everyone in Chinese, even the non-Chinese competitors, he would read their bio out in Chinese.

Later in the evening, I dreamed I was living at home in Newark, Delaware, with my mom and dad. I wasn't married, and my parents kept getting on my case to go out more. They told me I needed to go out to the bars and meet people, and I just complained that I didn't want to. Instead I got on my computer to check my e-mail. Almost all of it was spam. Instead of being able to delete it message by message, I had to highlight the entire body of each message and cut it that way. A lot of the messages were for vacations and travel and were long and full of text and pictures.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Film within a film within a film

OK, this one is a bit hard to explain...

There was a film being made. Some family friends were there. Quentin Tarantino was somehow involved. At one point, we were supposed to look into an iris and QT had created some illusion with cameras and mirrors and we saw a small image of a quite violent and shocking scene - real yet unreal. Something about it made me think of peepshows and snuff films. It was very fast, abstract, and ended with a man getting completely sliced open. On a second viewing some of the illusion was broken and the scene became recognizable as hybrid scenes from his previous films. Then my friend tried to film it on his Flip camera - which made me think of all the layers of QT's films within a film superimposed on a reality that was itself being filmed.

Later on, I was with the same family friends (two brothers), and there was some intrigue, danger. I can't explain it, it involved secret marriages, espionage.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mike Skinner with monsters and assorted tedium

I dreamed that redneckhunter and I lived in my parents house, the house I grew up in, which we rented from our current landlord (a very lax and lazy landlord). He, in fact, rented out all the houses on the street, and so we were stuck with the most obnoxious trashiest neighbors. As I articulated in the dream to redneckhunter, the problem is that he rents to anyone - he never did a credit check, background check of any sort on any of our neighbors. I also said to him that it was to the point where I was afraid of driving in our own neighborhood because I was afraid of everyone drunk driving.

Next part of the dream, I was in a house with Mike Skinner of the Streets and his entourage, only instead of sidekick/manager Ted Mayhem, his main #2 was a fatter bigger version of Skinner himself. We were all working on a combination concert movie/horror movie -- a pseudo-documentary of the band on tour ... with zombies.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Urban to Suburban

I was with someone who was bringing me to their apartment. I think it was a gang girl (a bit like Snoop from The Wire), but maybe it could have been a Ghost Dog type of guy.)

Anyway, the place was in the midst of an industrial urban wasteland - nothing but abandoned factories and empty lots all around. We went into a run-down building, up a dark flight of stairs, to what I realized was the front door, which looked only like a large sheet of rusted steel. She/he put some kind of key into a barely discernible hole and into the "apartment" we went. Up another flight of dark stairs and into a minimally furnished but pretty unexpectedly nice place, which opened onto the rooftop of the building. I could tell the person really didn't want to be found, so I asked them whether they were ever worried about being spotted on the roof, by police helicopters and such.

The second part of the night, I was in Princeton in the early 1960s, riding in the back of a car driving down Washington Road, kissing Don Draper from Mad Men.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Music as Language

Wish I remembered more of this dream, because the first part involved some mild making out with Tom Waits (sigh...)

Later on, I'm with my writer friend Gabe and my brother, on a platform. There are crowds of people all around and below us, like it's some kind of urban festival. The city itself is futuristic, and there's instrumental music playing. We speculate that the music is the language of aliens (we all seem to take it for granted that there are aliens among us) - the music is kind of "Close Encounters-ish." When Gabe leaves the table, my brother asks me if he's gay.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Road Tripping and Garage Door Smashing

I am at my childhood home, but I am my current age.  I am with a bunch of other adults, including the cute lady about my age who lives in my current building.  There are about 12 of us, and we are dividing up between cars.  I am in the driver's seat of one of of the cars, and my neighbor is sitting in the passenger front seat.  A bunch of other people are crowded in the back, and we're parked in the court out front of my house, waiting for the other car to get packed up.  The car is a station wagon or something similar, not a car I currently own.

Next, for some reason, I drive around block while we're waiting.  I'm not driving that fast, but for some reason the car is careening around as I take turns and weave between the cars parked on the sides of the road.  As the car turns, bodies are tumbling to left and right, pressing into the people seated besides them.  This causes me some amount of dream shame for some reason.

Cosa Nostra and Kosher Nostra

I was watching TV with 1000yregg and redneckhunter and stopped on a mob movie with Robert DeNiro, Joe Pesci, the usual suspects. It looked like Casino, but wasn't. Then suddenly I was in the movie, at a meeting. Ving Rhames was there too. Ving and I were trying to work our way out of the mob, so I was filling out a form into which I wrote "Next step: De-escalation." And I thought, wow organized crime is nothing like you see in movies, it's just like corporate America. Our Don was celebrating, though, the birth of his son.

So next scene, I am Elaine from Seinfeld, and I'm walking through a set of double wooden doors, then another set, and then another, and just as I'm wondering how many vestibules this entrance has, I come to the lobby. I'm carrying a bottle of liquor that's only 1/4 full. There's a kid greeting people, and he says something about the little amount of booze I brought, but says, "that's ok, they're all pretty drunk already."


I think I may have blocked most of this out because it had to do with my controlling ex-boyfriend Ben. He wasn't there, but I had these ugly hairpieces that he wanted me to wear - like a 1960s pouf on top with long pieces down the back like a mullet. They were damaged so I took them into the shower with me to wash them - they had the texture of real hair that had been burnt. When I came out of the shower, I looked in the mirror and I had dripping clown makeup on - like Heath Ledger Joker. My eyes were all ringed in red, a big ugly red mouth, and white makeup, but all dripping down from being in the shower.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Map of Princeton

Don't remember much of last night's dream, but it did involve drawing a map of Princeton for a lost parent. It was quite a detailed map - I remember even drawing a little Nassau Hall, spire and all. Though the guy argued with me that he couldn't find a building that looked like that anywhere on campus. I was like, c'mon...

Oh, and there were Chinese students in the dream too, on Poe Field.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Food and Fetishwear

The dream started out with me walking on Princeton campus near the football stadium. Nick was busy, so I was trying to figure out dinner by myself, and was headed in the direction of north Nassau Street. So I made it up to Nassau Street, only this is a Nassau that only exists in my dream world. I'm pretty sure I've dreamed it before (though it could be deja vu). It's almost like Nassau, but with businesses that don't really exist. I walked past a dream-world health food deli, and decided to go into a sit-down restaurant that I had not been to. I thought to myself, I don't think I've ever eaten at a real sit-down restaurant with waiters by myself, so I should do it. I had a book in hand, so I had something to occupy me. As I perused the menu posted on the sidewalk, I ran into someone I knew (who was not in reality anyone I know). He was young (maybe one of Nick's rowers?) and looked like a young, less ugly, Peter Lorre (so probably a coxswain instead). Heading inside, and looking forward to dining alone, I was annoyed that Peter-Lorre-look-alike followed me in and sat at my table.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Terrorist and Trinkets

Last night, I dreamed I was in a house with many other women, and I had a baby. Somehow, a man threatening us with a nuclear device got all of us women to lie down on rows of mats, and prepare to meet this nuclear blast that would kill us all. I held the baby as I lay on my mat.

Of course, he was full of shit, and we lay there a while as nothing happened, until someone realized that he had just left the house and run away. So we all got up and went outside. The house was not a house I had ever lived in. It looked like the typical southern California housing developments that you always see in movies (like on Weeds). Some of the neighbors starting coming out, and one of our neighbors was my high school boyfriend John. Only he seemed a little on the slow side.

Haunted House and Holding Hands

Saturday night we went to a haunted house, and part of the house was "Rampage" - a war-theme "Please do not run. Do not panic. Please disregard the storms of bullets, the stench of burning flesh, and the screeches of carnivorous mutants suffering from frenzied bloodlust. Prepare for battle. Prepare for madness. Prepare for RAMPAGE"

This is the dream I had that night:

I was in a haunted house with redneckhunter, and I decided, wouldn't it be fun to try to scare the actors instead? So I started doing it, and got into an altercation with one ghoul, a man. Somewhere in the melee, I lost redneckhunter, and met up with Ziggy from "The Wire"/Ray Person from "Generation Kill" - actually 2 of them - twins. I ended up leaving the haunted house with Ziggy, holding hands. Seeing redneckhunter outside, I wondered if he would be upset by the hand-holding. Then I woke up.

Having to Go to the Bathroom

Don't know about other people, but when I dream about having to go to the bathroom, it's because I have to go to the bathroom in real life.

For most of my life, these dreams took a predictable form. The need to pee would become the most important concern in the dream, but invariably, all I'd be able to find would be the world's dirtiest bathroom (Trainspotting style). But then on top of that, the door won't close, or there are no doors period and tons of people (including men) around, or the toilet is up on some kind of platform that I have to climb up, or I have to stand on a platform and aim and pee down into a toilet from far above. And I'd try to go, but not be able to release, and then I'd wake up.

I always used to think, if I ever did actually go in my dream, that maybe I was wetting the bed. Well, recently, the dream goes exactly the same way, but I do actually start peeing in the dream. The last one a couple days ago involved aiming for a little bowl from a high platform under the watchful eye of a mean old Chinese cleaning lady. I did start peeing, an no, I didn't wet the bed. What happens now is that I can't stop peeing in the dream. So I wake up mid-pee.

Is it age? What's next for me in the world of pee dreams? If I stop peeing in the dream, does it mean I've wet the bed? Is the next milestone total incontinence?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dreaming about boobs and boxers

In this dream, I start out entering the apartment of an old friend of mine.  Also there is his dreamworld ex-girlfriend (a hot dream woman who he has never, to my knowledge, actually dated).

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Car chase and house-boat

I don't remember how this dream starts.  The first thing I remember is that I am driving down a road that is mostly straight, but is going up and down hills.  It isn't an interstate because it has lights and traffic, but it's not a local road either.  It's like a major state road, but there are no businesses on the side, just a grass median and white pavement.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Chinese Looking Out for Me

Dreamed I was involved with some shady characters. I don't think I was a prostitute per se, but I found myself in a convertible with some small-time hoods being friendly though I didn't really want to. I was sitting on the lap of a Joe Pesci-type in the driver's seat, and another guy was in back.

Can't remember when things started to get unfriendly, but at some point, it became apparent that I should get out of there. The guy in the back seat made like he was helping me to escape, and got me to crawl on my belly in the gutter. I also happened to be quite scantily clad by this point. After a while of crawling, I realized I was going in circles, and he was basically doing this to humiliate me and not actually let me get away.

John Hughes Dreamlife

Last night, in my dream, I lived in a John Hughes movie. A little odd, as I was married in the dream, but in high school. My father-in-law was Ted Danson (younger handsome Ted Danson), and he was the principal. There was a female teacher in the school who flirted shamelessly with him.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Antibiotic-fueled dreams

I've been sick for the past few weeks, and sleeping A LOT. I believe that there was a 48-hour period in which I was asleep for all but 4 hours of that time. One would think that cough syrup, Nyquil, and so on would have led to some fine and vivid dreams, but I didn't remember a thing after a solid 40 hours of sleeping (jeez, that's like a work week of sleeping!)

Until I start my antibiotics last night...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Daydream of missiles

So, this isn't a dream per se, but a daydream I have semi-frequently, usually while driving home from Newark Airport on the NJ Turnpike.

As you're driving, for the first mile or two you are directly under the approach path for planes landing on one of the runways.  Oftentimes you will have a plane flying directly over you, and can see a line of three or four more planes extending in a line off into the distance.

Anyway, the daydream I have is pretty simple.  I fantasize that terrorists are out in the middle of Newark or Elizabeth, and they shoot a ground-to-air missile at one of the planes.  I see the smoky contrails of the missile go from ground up to sky. 

My fantasy isn't really concerned about the plane, oddly -- I usually don't even consider whether or not the missile hit the plane.  But in my fantasy I immediately pull over and get a line of sight visual on the location from where the missile was fired.  I then call 911, get in touch with the state police, and help them triangulate the position of the bad guys in time to catch them.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Hostages on the homefront

I don't really remember the beginning of this dream I had last night, which I had while napping on the redeye from Vegas back home.  I was back in my childhood, and was riding around a forested suburban landscape (which looked nothing like where I grew up, actually) on a bicycle with a bunch of other people, none of whom left enough impression to be given specific faces.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Face from the past

Last night I dreamed I was watching the filming of a commercial. It was set in a European city on the steps of a Metro station and went back in forth in time following 2 people, a man and woman,who kept missing each other -- as children and as adults. And as I'm watching, I realize that the woman playing the adult version of the female is a former friend of mine, V.

V. was one of my first friends I met when I moved to NYC. She was a Mexican girl from LA and I had a bit of a girl-crush on her. When I first met her, she had a skater-girl look - short curly hair, barrettes, wore Vans. She taught me how to cook killer enchiladas, we went to hear bands together, she worked at Barneys and let me use her employee discount. We started drifting apart after she married a guy named Vinnie and moved to Queens. I was still a lazy Manhattanite for whom going to the outer boroughs was a major trip. She was slowly changing too - Vinnie liked her hair long, Vinnie liked it with blond highlights, Vinnie liked her wearing heels...

Anyway, as I watched the commercial filming, I thought about saying something to her, but just like the boy character kept walking by and just missing her, so did I.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

True Blood invades my sleep

So of course, I've had the obvious sexy Eric the vampire dreams... but this one last night - pretty bizarre:

I was on the corner of Washington Road and Faculty Road, and noticed that Nick's laptop bag was across the street, so I ran across the street to retrieve it, but by the time I got there, Lafayette was rummaging through the bag (though he was dressed not as himself, but more like someone from The Wire).

So I told him to stop. And he did but then he asked, "Excuse me, can I look through the bag?" And he was kinda menacing about it - menacing, but still sassy in the Lafayette way. I said, "No, you may NOT!" (totally Bill Compton...). And I yelled at Nick who was still on the other side of the street, "Buddy, he wants to steal stuff outta your bag!" And I kept trying to wrestle the bag away from Lafayette, so then he kicked me in the head, and I woke up.

(Second part of the night, I dreamt about Debbie and Claire practicing singing Clash songs in my living room, but in an annoying a cappella group fashion, while I was trying to sleep... This was just so infuriating, that I couldn't fall back asleep in real life, and got up at 4 am to watch tv...)