Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Chinese Looking Out for Me

Dreamed I was involved with some shady characters. I don't think I was a prostitute per se, but I found myself in a convertible with some small-time hoods being friendly though I didn't really want to. I was sitting on the lap of a Joe Pesci-type in the driver's seat, and another guy was in back.

Can't remember when things started to get unfriendly, but at some point, it became apparent that I should get out of there. The guy in the back seat made like he was helping me to escape, and got me to crawl on my belly in the gutter. I also happened to be quite scantily clad by this point. After a while of crawling, I realized I was going in circles, and he was basically doing this to humiliate me and not actually let me get away.

That's when I made a run for it - through Chinatown. I made it into a restaurant, and hid in the bathroom. The owner saw me come in - she looked pretty pissed at me. But when the 2 thugs followed and started asking if she saw me, she played dumb. They left, and she came in to the bathroom, and told me to hide up in the ceiling tiles. The dudes came back, this time with 2 cops, and demanded on searching the place. The cops came around and a Chinese cop came into the bathroom. Somehow I knew he could see me - he looked right at me - and said, nope no one's here.

After everyone left, the restaurant owner cleaned me up, gave me some clothes - FOB (Fresh Off the Boat) clothes. I actually thought it was a pretty good disguise - I looked completely different. Blend right in - after all, we all look the same, right?

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