Monday, November 30, 2009

The one in which I act like a jackass

Last night I had a dream where I was in a room with some other people, and they did something to make me feel small and stupid, and I left feeling a little put out.

Then I was walking down a hallway.  It was a sorta futuristic, dark hallway, like something you might see in an episode of 24 in the CTU.

At this point one of my co-workers comes up to me and starts to tell me a story.  I politely listen as we walk, and we go to another room where a few more co-workers are standing around, and they start listening as well.  I discover it's a work related story, and I am not wholly interested.  The story goes on and on.  He starts to stutter a little.  He has trouble finishing his sentences before his brain shifts gears and he goes off on new tangents, never actually finishing a thought.

I start giving him the "hurry up" hand signals, then interrupt him to ask him to finish his thoughts please.  Finally, I jump in and just tell him I really don't care about his story, and walk away.

He follows me to my office (which is not my actual office in real life, but more like a movie version of a giant executive office), and finally explains where he was going with it.  I don't remember exactly what his point was, but I remember being very ashamed by my interruption of it, as though he was telling me about a dead relative or some such.

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