Friday, February 25, 2011

Wierdness at the movie theater and in the dining hall

Redneckhunter and I were walking through a big McMansion-type house. The house had an actual movie theater built in the house. A movie was starting so we tried to grab some seats - the theater was pretty full. We had to end up sitting separately, and I sat next to an African-American girl. After a while, I realized she was rubbing my leg. I started looking around for another empty seat, and I saw my friend Jim down the row across the aisle.

Later I was in a college or high school dining hall, wandering through trying to find a seat. I saw the guys from the band, The Walkmen, only they were really young. I must have been staring at them, because they noticed it and started joking about me.

After I sat down, I looked up and noticed an Asian girl across the room, who had a haircut like mine, with blunt bangs. Then I saw another girl like this, then another. They all had different faces, they didn't look like me, but they all had the same haircut, though blunter and more helmety than mine.

New neighbors

In my dream, a cool old brick building at the end of Nassau Street in Princeton had been converted to luxury apartments, and we lived in one of them. There was a courtyard in the middle, and when we looked across we could see directly into the house of one of our neighbors. This was a huge place with a 2-story vaulted ceiling room, that was hung with medieval art, with a stage and lecture seating. It looked like some sort of chapel, but it was just a room where they did their daily things, like getting the kids off to school with backpacks and lunches.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Billy Connolly were also our neighbors apparently. Princeton, the town itself, also seemed much hipper and more urban. We were sleeping one night and one of our neighbors was out on his balcony in the courtyard talking loudly on the phone. He had an annoying nasal voice, and he was saying "I'm the wine guy, that's my thing."

Dinner with President Clinton

My family was at a dinner also attended by President Clinton. There was one very nice well-appointed room, and a second less formal room with a long cafeteria-style table. Clinton was supposed to sit in the nice room, of course, but instead he wanted to sit in the informal communal table. My family sat on one end, and of course, everyone was speaking in Chinese, and laughing and being loud. I kept giving "I'm sorry" looks to Clinton's aides.

Then a female Chinese Army officer came in, and demanded to see everyone's papers. I was wearing a quilted silk Chinese jacket, and she made me take it off. She also wanted to know why I was wearing an outer jacket indoors - it was suspicious. I tried to explain that it was just because I was cold - I was only wearing a tank top underneath...

Disconnected half-remembered dreams

I was back in pseudo-British-Asian colonial times, and I was unhappily married to Peter Petrelli (from Heroes), only Peter was kind of a dick and acted more like his brother Nathan. We had a Chinese servant, and she was my confidant.

In another dream, my friend Jocelyn and I were roommates -- we had separate bedrooms connected by one large closet.

Then I was riding in the back seat of a car, with a hitchhiker that we had picked up. The hitchhiker pulled out a ginormous spliff, and we got high.

Then there was something with a small Asian girl with glasses, and hiding in a closet.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cannibal zombie rowers

Redneckhunter and I going on a speedboat ride. We were just on for a few minutes, and it was crazy fast jumping, swerving. We stopped momentarily and I knew I had to take Dramamine if I was going to make it any longer. Then we realized that we were being followed by sculling boats with ominous cannibal zombie rowers. We took off and they chased after. We realized there were other boats escaping the scary rowers, and we banded together to figure out the best way to evade them. The waterways were like a grid, and we turned left and right trying to lose our pursuers, but got very confused as to any sense of direction, and kept getting cut off by more scary rowing boats. At one point we decided to break off from the others, and turned down a waterway on our own. We realized we were close to where we had started.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mods vs. Vampires

I was a vampire slayer - with a stake and everything! I had a gun too. I may have been some sort of undead myself, I'm not sure. But it was easy to spot the vampires because they wore plaid. The good guys wore stripes. It was like a Quadrophenia-like mods vs. preppies rivalry.