Monday, December 21, 2009

Shark head

Redneckhunter and I were on top of a high balcony looking down on a piano performance. At the end of the concert, the pianist played "God Save the Queen" in British tradition. Just to be contrary though, I stood up and started singing "My country this of thee, sweet land of liberty..." Other people joined in, and when we finished, I caught a woman who looked like Margaret Thatcher, dressed in purple, with a purple face, giving me a dirty look.

Then there was an aquatic show, 2 ginormously large sharks were circling beneath us. They were Jaws-size, cartoonish in proportions (kind of like a wine shark), but still scary enough that I started backing away from the railing when they started jumping. Redneckhunter stayed by the balcony and I watched as one of the sharks leaped over him and engulfed his entire head in its mouth! I ran over and threw my arms around him, but the shark just let go without biting. He was still in shock and just stood there by the balcony, so I dragged him back. His glasses were down around the end of this nose, and his head was slimy and wet, and he had a stunned expression and he was shaking a little. But to be honest, it was pretty cute.

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