Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Car chase and house-boat

I don't remember how this dream starts.  The first thing I remember is that I am driving down a road that is mostly straight, but is going up and down hills.  It isn't an interstate because it has lights and traffic, but it's not a local road either.  It's like a major state road, but there are no businesses on the side, just a grass median and white pavement.

Oh, and I am in an underpowered car of some sort.  With a woman and a female child in the car with me.  And we're following a black SUV with tinted windows, trying not to be noticed as we follow a bunch of cars behind it, but trying harder not to lose them because they are going fast and have a more powerful engine than we do, and it's a struggle to get my car to climb the hills fast enough.

Eventually, we are not on the main road, but are driving up the side of a hill on more of a local road.  The black SUV has disappeared from concern.  I see a house by the side of the road and pull in.  It's abandoned, or for sale, or something.  We get out, and decide to unpack into the house, almost like we are moving in, or more likely squatting.

Next thing I know I hear a rumbling, and look outside and see that the landscape is moving.  It's an earthquake.  No, wait, it's a mudslide, and the house is slowly shaking its way down the hill.  I rush to try to escape.  Next thing I know, the house is actually surrounded by water, and is more floating downstream.  I see a window, and decide that I need to jump out of it.  I fight with the window, trying to work the finger-pushing things that allow it to slide up and open, and eventually succeed and jump out into the river.  The window slides closed behind me.

I look back, and see the young girl there panicking in the window.  I yell to her to open it.  She struggles with it.  I now see the house is floating towards a large Niagara Falls-sized waterfall.  Somehow or another only the house is going to get pulled over and pulverized, I am safe where I am, in a little eddy or something.  The girl is still struggling.  I finally yell at her to go the few extra feet to the front door, go out onto the porch, and jump into the water from there.  She does, and I swim over and save her.  I have no idea what happened to the other lady.

Then I wake up at about 6am.

A few things:
  • I don't know what the deal is with the car chase.
  • I'm not exactly sure what is going on with the house either, though it was a huge house, something like the house I'd love to buy if I were somewhat richer and had a need for all that space.  Sorta like this house.
  • The windows were exactly the kind I have in my current place, and they are annoying.  Half my windows now don't open, are hard to open, or don't stay open.  Though I haven't fought with them recently, I am guessing that is what this is all about.
  • As for saving the girl, it sorta reminded me of my lifeguarding days, but who knows.

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