Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ray Corvair Trio

Dreamed I was out with petiteseour and redneckhunter, and I saw a marquee advertising that The Ray Corvair Trio was performing. So I got really excited and insisted we buy tickets. The Ray Corvair Trio was a band that my friend Royce and I got really into in the late 90s - even though they were from Boston, they had a standing gig at The Knitting Factory. They dubbed their music as "surf noir," and they had a retro look that Royce and I both were into. I liked the guitar player and she liked the bass player, and we would chat with them after their gigs.

So I was very excited sitting in the theater waiting for the band to come on. The show started and the guitar player (looking 10 years older) was out on stage playing acoustic and singing. Though Ray Corvair was strictly instrumental - they never sang. Very different, I thought. Then it just got weirder. There was spoken word and noises a la Laurie Anderson "O Superman," there was theatrical pantomime, and it was all really mopey. I had to tell redneckhunter and petiteseour that this was nothing like what I liked about them.

I was so pissed, I actually walked up to the stage and started trying to talk to the musicians, to let them know my unhappiness. When that didn't work, I went to the box office to try to get my money back.