Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mike Skinner with monsters and assorted tedium

I dreamed that redneckhunter and I lived in my parents house, the house I grew up in, which we rented from our current landlord (a very lax and lazy landlord). He, in fact, rented out all the houses on the street, and so we were stuck with the most obnoxious trashiest neighbors. As I articulated in the dream to redneckhunter, the problem is that he rents to anyone - he never did a credit check, background check of any sort on any of our neighbors. I also said to him that it was to the point where I was afraid of driving in our own neighborhood because I was afraid of everyone drunk driving.

Next part of the dream, I was in a house with Mike Skinner of the Streets and his entourage, only instead of sidekick/manager Ted Mayhem, his main #2 was a fatter bigger version of Skinner himself. We were all working on a combination concert movie/horror movie -- a pseudo-documentary of the band on tour ... with zombies.

However, while in the house, I got obsessed with cleaning this one stove. It was pretty grimy and as I cleaned one part of it, it became apparent how much cleaner that part was compared to the rest of it, so I had to keep going. Which was fine, until I got to another floor of the house and found an even more disgusting stove -- I decided that was not my problem though.

Last part of the night, I was at the track, and starting running with a group who were already there. Some members of the group are people that I work with, including one woman who is about 4 foot 8 and as wide as she is tall. I felt like I was running really slowly, yet I was passing people. At some point, I became lucid and realized it was a dream, and thought, god, what an incredibly tedious and boring thing to dream about!

  • Back story to the neighbor dream is that for the past couple years, we have had the worst Eurotrash neighbors living upstairs. The first batch were here on a post-college internship at Siemens, and each semester, they'd pass the apartment on to the next batch, and with each batch of guys, the partying would get worse and worse. This was more than just normal loud neighbors -- every weekend involved booming techno music, smoking and talking loudly on the front porch into the wee hours of the morning, and general making a mess of the place. That was not a party, that was just a regular night. When these guys threw "parties," which about once a month, that involved broken windows, people jumping off the roof, broken bottles everywhere, screaming outside on the street at 4 am. They're finally gone - thank god.

  • As for The Streets horror movie, this is probably because yesterday a friend wrote something in his Facebook status about how he thinks he has swine flu or maybe a zombie virus, and I sent him a link to this video

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