Friday, October 30, 2009

Strangers on a Plane

Redneckhunter and I were running to catch a plane - only the terminal was more like a subway station, and to get to the plane, we ran down an escalator to a train platform where the plane was waiting. The conductor/airline steward yelled at me for running, but as soon as we stepped on the train/plane started moving.

I grabbed a seat that was sideways and elevated a few steps up. There was a girl cooking in the middle of the plane. She was willing to share her food, but I and the others were wary of sharing a stranger's food. She had a Russian accent, and kept offering the food. She had some tomatoes, but she kept calling them berries. I noticed that there were also vending machines, so at least I knew that I could buy something if I got hungry.

I was sitting next to a blond teenage guy with an Amish bowl haircut, and I was wearing a down coat and gloves. The kid said to me, I wondered if you might want to go out with me when we get back home. I said, you live in New York? And he said, well, not really... I knew he couldn't see my wedding ring, so I said, well, sorry, I'm taken.

The 1000yregg came up - but it was 1000yregg before his 50-pound weight loss. Naturally, his concern was where we should eat once we got home.

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