Saturday, September 12, 2009

Face from the past

Last night I dreamed I was watching the filming of a commercial. It was set in a European city on the steps of a Metro station and went back in forth in time following 2 people, a man and woman,who kept missing each other -- as children and as adults. And as I'm watching, I realize that the woman playing the adult version of the female is a former friend of mine, V.

V. was one of my first friends I met when I moved to NYC. She was a Mexican girl from LA and I had a bit of a girl-crush on her. When I first met her, she had a skater-girl look - short curly hair, barrettes, wore Vans. She taught me how to cook killer enchiladas, we went to hear bands together, she worked at Barneys and let me use her employee discount. We started drifting apart after she married a guy named Vinnie and moved to Queens. I was still a lazy Manhattanite for whom going to the outer boroughs was a major trip. She was slowly changing too - Vinnie liked her hair long, Vinnie liked it with blond highlights, Vinnie liked her wearing heels...

Anyway, as I watched the commercial filming, I thought about saying something to her, but just like the boy character kept walking by and just missing her, so did I.

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