Saturday, October 17, 2009

Road Tripping and Garage Door Smashing

I am at my childhood home, but I am my current age.  I am with a bunch of other adults, including the cute lady about my age who lives in my current building.  There are about 12 of us, and we are dividing up between cars.  I am in the driver's seat of one of of the cars, and my neighbor is sitting in the passenger front seat.  A bunch of other people are crowded in the back, and we're parked in the court out front of my house, waiting for the other car to get packed up.  The car is a station wagon or something similar, not a car I currently own.

Next, for some reason, I drive around block while we're waiting.  I'm not driving that fast, but for some reason the car is careening around as I take turns and weave between the cars parked on the sides of the road.  As the car turns, bodies are tumbling to left and right, pressing into the people seated besides them.  This causes me some amount of dream shame for some reason.

We get back to my house, and now I'm seating in the back seat, behind my cute neighbor who is now in the driver's seat.  Next I shout out, because I realize that the folks from the other car are about to break my garage door.  Or rather, they do something which causes a second, older garage door to come crashing down on its rails and disintegrate as it reaches the cement floor pad, like the wood is all rotted.  Of interesting note is that the "main" garage door is new and looks like it still would work fine, like it's on a second set of rails.

I jump out of the car and run up to the garage to yell at them that they're doing it wrong.  I hit the button to close the main garage door the right way, then run for the closing door, hopping and dancing over the electronic eye so that it will finish closing.  Then I walk around to the back of the garage to make sure that the back door is also closed.

There I find some contractors milling around.  One of them is back in the garage with a wheelbarrow, and he makes some snide comment as he exits through the garage side door (which doesn't actually exist in the real world).  I ask him "What did you say?" and he replies "Nothing." in the way of someone who got caught mouthing off under their breath.

At this point, I notice/realize that someone else is in the house. I go inside and upstairs, and hear someone in the bathroom.  I creep up to the door and run into a girl leaving.  She's an old friend of mine, and she is exiting with just a towel wrapped around her, having just come out of the shower.

I ask her what she is doing in our house taking a shower.  I don't remember what her answer was.  We go back down to the garage (she is dressed again, magically), which is now carpeted and finished (unlike reality), and more like a living room.  At this point there is some missionary sex activity.

And then I woke up, at around 7am.  It's a Saturday, so I decided to go back to sleep and just write this up later in the morning.

  • The jamming of people into the cars is probably a reference to an activity I am planning for this coming weekend.  I'm going to a football game with my cousins, and 6 of us are going to cram into my car, which seats only 5, for the last mile between the Chili's where we're meeting up and the stadium.
  • The problem with my car brakes being soft and not working at 100% is a dream I have with some regularity.  I'm never completely out of control, but always teetering right on the edge, in a panic that the soft brakes won't let me stop in time to avoid some accident or another.  Common wisdom is that this is a dream sign that something in my life is speeding out of control, but for the life of me I can't think of what that might be.
  • I'm not sure what is going on with the contractors.  A friend of mine is having some landscaping done in his backyard and freestanding garage, maybe it's some sort of projection from that.
  • The shower girl is not someone I have consciously thought of in a while, and not someone I normally think of amorously. 

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