Monday, October 12, 2009

Terrorist and Trinkets

Last night, I dreamed I was in a house with many other women, and I had a baby. Somehow, a man threatening us with a nuclear device got all of us women to lie down on rows of mats, and prepare to meet this nuclear blast that would kill us all. I held the baby as I lay on my mat.

Of course, he was full of shit, and we lay there a while as nothing happened, until someone realized that he had just left the house and run away. So we all got up and went outside. The house was not a house I had ever lived in. It looked like the typical southern California housing developments that you always see in movies (like on Weeds). Some of the neighbors starting coming out, and one of our neighbors was my high school boyfriend John. Only he seemed a little on the slow side.

Then I noticed a sewage truck connecting up to the water lines on the block, and I thought, oh no, the terrorist is poisoning our water supply - that's how he's going to get us, not with a nuclear weapon! So then we ran inside...

But then the next thing I remember in the dream is being dressed in a traditional Ming Dynasty outfit and being with someone who looked like young John Lone. He had boxes and boxes of stuff and was letting me choose whatever I wanted. And even though the stuff was just cheap everyday shit, I was like a little kid, carefully making my decisions. From a big box of chopsticks, I first picked out the pink ones (note: my first pair of chopsticks as a little kid were small pink plastic ones), but then changed my mind and decided on a fuchsia pair. Even though, I'm sure he wouldn't have cared if I took them both, I really felt like I should only take one. Very humble and Chinese of me...

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