Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Enemies all around?

Redneckhunter and I entered a building, and as we walked up the stairs, we both starting hearing a spooky woman's voice telling us to beware, turn back...

We got upstairs and there were other people there, and a man started telling us that he had our backs, no matter what happened, that if someone threatened us, he'd hunt them down and kill them. He was really getting everyone in the room really riled up.

So when the doorknob started turning, everyone was on guard. A man with a machine gun walked through the door, and I pounced on him like an animal. I grabbed the gun, aimed it at his head, clocked him in the head with it and knocked him out. I then grabbed the gun, and started running through the house.

It was chaos, I just shot at anyone that looked at all threatening. I had no idea who was on my side, and who, if anyone, was trying to hurt me. There were a lot of Asians there. Things finally calmed down a little when I realized that most of them were on my side, but it was impossible to tell who and why we were fighting.

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