Friday, October 23, 2009

Film within a film within a film

OK, this one is a bit hard to explain...

There was a film being made. Some family friends were there. Quentin Tarantino was somehow involved. At one point, we were supposed to look into an iris and QT had created some illusion with cameras and mirrors and we saw a small image of a quite violent and shocking scene - real yet unreal. Something about it made me think of peepshows and snuff films. It was very fast, abstract, and ended with a man getting completely sliced open. On a second viewing some of the illusion was broken and the scene became recognizable as hybrid scenes from his previous films. Then my friend tried to film it on his Flip camera - which made me think of all the layers of QT's films within a film superimposed on a reality that was itself being filmed.

Later on, I was with the same family friends (two brothers), and there was some intrigue, danger. I can't explain it, it involved secret marriages, espionage.

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