Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Food and Fetishwear

The dream started out with me walking on Princeton campus near the football stadium. Nick was busy, so I was trying to figure out dinner by myself, and was headed in the direction of north Nassau Street. So I made it up to Nassau Street, only this is a Nassau that only exists in my dream world. I'm pretty sure I've dreamed it before (though it could be deja vu). It's almost like Nassau, but with businesses that don't really exist. I walked past a dream-world health food deli, and decided to go into a sit-down restaurant that I had not been to. I thought to myself, I don't think I've ever eaten at a real sit-down restaurant with waiters by myself, so I should do it. I had a book in hand, so I had something to occupy me. As I perused the menu posted on the sidewalk, I ran into someone I knew (who was not in reality anyone I know). He was young (maybe one of Nick's rowers?) and looked like a young, less ugly, Peter Lorre (so probably a coxswain instead). Heading inside, and looking forward to dining alone, I was annoyed that Peter-Lorre-look-alike followed me in and sat at my table.

Next thing I remember was being outside on a plaza in Princeton (again a fictitious plaza). I was with a group, and was supposed to be waiting for an Indian guy, who was friends with my friends Kim and Debbie (again, a non-real person). He showed up, at least I think it was him - even in the dream, I wasn't entirely sure.

Then he, or some Scandinavian guy he morphed into, was getting me to take my pants and underwear off and get into a coffin-like box. I felt a little uncomfortable being naked from the waist down, but not as uncomfortable as I would have been in real life. He explained how in his country, there were bottomless bars the way we have topless bars. I got in the box, and it started to swing along the middle axis, and it was kind of fun.

Next scene I remember, I was at a sample sale. The woman who actually runs the Showroom 7 Sample Sale in NYC was there, along with a guy who looked like Clinton from "What Not to Wear." He was trying to convince me to try on a dress. It was black and fur-lined and looked tenty. However, when I put it on, it was super-tight and super-stretchy, like latex, except lined in fur, and it made my waist look incredibly tiny.

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