Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dog stroller and fashion line

I was walking to work with a co-worker and a woman from my parents' church. Along the way we decided to stop in 84 Lumber and buy a dog stroller for these friends of mine who have a puppy. The stroller came with a doggie sweater too.

When we got to work, we were a bit late so we had to go straight to an auditorium for a presentation. The presentation was the pitch for a new fashion line started by the above friend with the dog (who in real life does work in the fashion industry). I sat next to her (actually I sat between her and her boyfriend) and gave them the stroller. They didn't seem to like it.

The presentation started -- the line was based on a modular designs that you could mix and match - you had casual wear and evening wear, and depending on different combinations you could accessorize with one or the other. For instance you could drape a slinky evening gown around your neck like a scarf.

The women modeling the clothes were mostly topless. They stayed topless when they weren't actually modeling an item of clothing. There was also some girl-girl kissing too. Well, I thought, I guess sex sells.

The presentation ended with the commercial they had produced to launch the clothing line - which was a split screen of close-up shots of women's mouths with different stuff coming out of their mouths - like green slime, bubbles, etc.

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