Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Conversation with Felicity Huffman

I was in a library-looking place, with what I think were books stacked on shelves.  Maybe it was an old-fashoned bookstore, but it was well lit, and we were in an open area.  There were a handful of people around.

First the group was having a conversation, and I made a witty reference to something the Dana character says in an episode of Sports Night (I wish I could remember what the reference was).  She had her back to me at the time, and she didn't really react.  I turned to one of the other (anonymous) people and said "I really wish she had heard that."

Then it was just me and her, and we were having some witty banter.  I was trying to come up with ways to be complimentary about her acting, without sounding like a starry-eyed sycophant.  I finally said something like "I am very fond of many of the shows you have been in, and of your acting in particular."

She then asked me what I was good at.  It was clearly like a first date type question, where she was trying to get to know me, since we were flirting and I somehow wasn't threatened by the fact that she is already married to Bill Macy. 

I was having trouble coming up with an answer though.  There are things I am good at, but in none of them am I world renowned expert, and many of them are just basic things.  The best I was coming up with is "smart and witty."

And then I woke up.

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