Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Dreamed I was hanging out with Lemmy in a kitchen and he made me a gourmet black and white milkshake, with really good chocolate syrup. Who knew Lemmy was a gourmand?

Monday, May 21, 2012

My not-so-great idea

I had an idea in my dream in which cassette singles (from the 80s) were replaced by paper card singles.  Kids could buy songs on paper cards -- that way they could buy them with cash, and not have to use their parent's credit card online.  Then the card could be inserted (like an SD card) into your cell phone or mp3 player and you could play the song from the card.

That's not a bouncy ball

I was playing with 2 1/2 year old nephew Christian.  He had a bunch of pool balls, but he was playing with them the way he plays with his other balls - throwing them, and trying to bounce them off the floor.  So I had to tell him, "That's not a bouncy ball!  You can't do that, Christian, you'll break something!" 

Mike Skinner ice

I was hanging out backstage with Mike Skinner of The Streets - I had probably won a contest or something.  He handed me a circular ice cube - didn't put it in a drink or anything, just put it in my hand.  "Here's an ice cube with my face on it," he said.  (I had seen a news story recently on Virgin Airlines serving ice cubes with Richard Branson's face on them in first-class passengers' drinks.) "Wow, it looks just like you!" I replied.  And it really did.

Monday, April 23, 2012

More big wave dreams

One day a Freudian psychoanalyst will have to tell me what my recurring dreams about big waves and big water mean...  I have had 2 more lately.

In one, I was in a glass cube house - it was pretty much made up entirely of panes of glass, cathedral height glass walls, and flat glass paned ceilings.  The house belonged to my brother.   It was raining heavily outside, pounding against all that glass, and I began to get worried.  My worries became reality when water started leaking from between the panes.  The water level outside started rising as well, increasing flood waters visible through the glass walls.

In the other dream, less than a week later, I was on the shore of Antarctica, high on a cliff or platform looking down at the coastline.  There were people on the shore and I watched as the waves started getting bigger and bigger - 30-40 feet and wondered if the people would survive the sub-zero temperature water that was starting to hit everyone.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Recent dreams

I have been remiss in writing lately...  Some recent dreams involved:

1)  My recurring dream of huge waves and tsunami-force waters again.  The twist this time is that I was indoors, in the hypothetical Hawaii house of our graphic designer -- which had a wall of windows upon which the waters rose.

2)  My pink stuffed animal pig was black, and I was in bed holding it.  Someone else was in bed with me, and we were trying hard not to touch.

3)  I went with my parents to visit my friend GH who was staying in a huge luxe multi-room hotel suite.  He got a phone call from what sounded like a girlfriend, so we left him and went off to explore the suite.  I opened a closet door, and a tall blond guy jumped out on me. Apparently he was GH's friend and they would ambush each other Inspector Clouseau-Kato style.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Money and murder

I had this dream the night after Christmas.

I was going to NYC with two of my good friends.  Somehow we decided we were going to take a helicopter to get there.  (Rich folks sometimes take helicopters just to cross the Hudson without needing to take the bridge or tunnels, but I don't think many folks take them up from where I live.)

As we were flying in, I could see the skyscraper we were going to, on the south side of Manhatten.  It was a towering skyscraper sorta by itself.  The top floor was just a glass box giving you a view around you in 360 degrees.  The sorta place that would give you vertigo if you were there, looking out and seeing how high up you were.

Then we started maneuvering between buildings as we approached, like a video game, swerving right and left to avoid obstacles.

Then the helicopter landed on the close side of the river, unexpectedly.  We had to get out, and were going to take a limo the rest of the way.  But we were stopped in a dirty, industrial area, and I remember thinking that we were going to get scammed or kidnapped or something bad.

At this point things get fuzzy.  A driver showed up, but he was sketchy, and we didn't want to get into the car with him.  Somehow or another we witnessed, or just realized, that he had just killed someone and stolen $100,000.

He tries to get us into the car, and we keep refusing.  Now we're walking around this nice, grassy area, and then some walkways surrounding some beautiful pools, like you might find at resorts or high end hotels.  He's chasing us, but it's at a walking pace, maybe because there were other people around and he's trying not to get their attention.  He tells us he is going to call the police on us (maybe we were refusing to pay him?), and we tell him sure, go for it, and then we'll rat him out for the murder.

Somehow we manage to steal his keychain and keys, which somehow we knew were used to lock up the stolen money.  He notices, and demands them back.  I somehow slip the important key off and palm it when i return his keyring. 

Then we sneak off to a dirty garage and steal the money back.  Then the dream ended.