Monday, December 21, 2009

Tom Waits again...

I was part of some sort of music conference. 1000yregg was asking if I had met a lot of recording industry people, but I told him that was what my business manager was for. I was supposed to meet up with some girl at a club, but missed her. The next morning, I was having coffee with Tom Waits - sitting at a high table at a sidewalk cafe on a small town main street. I was wearing my grey faux fur jacket, but also had with me a green leather jacket and 2 black leather jackets as well.

Tom said, c'mon let's go, and let's swing by the hotel first. I asked, which hotel are you staying at, and he said the same as you. So we got into a big convertible Cadillac, and I threw all the jackets in the back seat, and as we left, I said, but at some point we've got to go back and pick up the truck (which was Redneckhunter's old Toyota pickup), and Tom said, well, it's Kyle's truck now (Kyle is Redneckhunter's younger brother), and I said, no, you mean, it's Reid's truck now (who is Redneckhunter's youngest brother).

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