Monday, November 2, 2009

Invention Convention

Redneckhunter and I were at an Inventor's Competition/Fair. At one point, I had just come out of the shower in our hotel room, and he had misplaced his files on his invention, so I offered to go look for it in our other hotel room across the hall. Rather than get dressed, I just slipped on a button-down men's shirt - didn't bother to button it, nor put on underwear.

While I was in the other room looking through his bag, there was a knock on the door. Assuming it was redneckhunter, I didn't bother to cover up. It wasn't him, in fact it was a large family of people - parents, grandparents, children. I guess it was another inventor with his family. He seemed to know redneckhunter, and was eager to discuss his invention. No one seemed to notice that I was naked except for an unbuttoned shirt. I was suspicious, though, of this guy who seemed to be trying to steal redneckhunter's idea.

When it was finally time for the fair, I realized that redneckhunter had fake files on all sorts of other dumb inventions, many of which were stolen by others at the convention, and when they saw his booth, and what he really was pitching (which was an online document management system), they were pissed. There was the guy to whom redneckhunter had pretended to be marketing this all natural "gum" made of leaves. The guy hadn't bothered to try the leaves, and they actually made everyone's breath smell like shit. There was another skinhead guy who "stole" redneckhunter's hybrid human-monkey baby idea.

At some point, I must have pissed someone off because an old lady started chasing me through the aisles. I raced off first on a grocery store shopping cart, then later, I had a long scarf which I hitched onto a bicyclist, and careered through the aisles of the convention. At some point I noticed an "Adult" section of the convention that was roped off - inside it looked like an old cabaret from the Weimar period - women in burlesque costumes, top hats, vampy makeup.

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