Sunday, October 25, 2009

Geek Olympics & Being a Homebody

I was in an enormous lecture hall, sitting in the front row of a very high balcony - it was so high, and the rows were so steep and narrow, I was a little afraid of falling. It was the college math/science Olympiad, only they were parading the competitors on stage and introducing them to cheering crowds as if it were a sporting competition, though in reality, people were cheering but also laughing a little at the massive geekiness. One of the announcers introduced everyone in Chinese, even the non-Chinese competitors, he would read their bio out in Chinese.

Later in the evening, I dreamed I was living at home in Newark, Delaware, with my mom and dad. I wasn't married, and my parents kept getting on my case to go out more. They told me I needed to go out to the bars and meet people, and I just complained that I didn't want to. Instead I got on my computer to check my e-mail. Almost all of it was spam. Instead of being able to delete it message by message, I had to highlight the entire body of each message and cut it that way. A lot of the messages were for vacations and travel and were long and full of text and pictures.

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