Monday, April 23, 2012

More big wave dreams

One day a Freudian psychoanalyst will have to tell me what my recurring dreams about big waves and big water mean...  I have had 2 more lately.

In one, I was in a glass cube house - it was pretty much made up entirely of panes of glass, cathedral height glass walls, and flat glass paned ceilings.  The house belonged to my brother.   It was raining heavily outside, pounding against all that glass, and I began to get worried.  My worries became reality when water started leaking from between the panes.  The water level outside started rising as well, increasing flood waters visible through the glass walls.

In the other dream, less than a week later, I was on the shore of Antarctica, high on a cliff or platform looking down at the coastline.  There were people on the shore and I watched as the waves started getting bigger and bigger - 30-40 feet and wondered if the people would survive the sub-zero temperature water that was starting to hit everyone.