Friday, September 24, 2010

The secret life of executive assistants and the French

Dreamed I was watching a movie starring Sarah Michelle Gellar as an executive assistant who finds herself in this sordid corporate underworld where ultimate power lies in the hands of executive assistants, who sleep with people strategically to gain corporate secrets, etc.

Then Redneckhunter and I were on our way to the house of someone I do part-time web work for. She was having us over to watch a movie, and I said to Redneckhunter, I guarantee you if it's a French movie, we'll see some male genitalia and someone in the movie will be sleeping with their sister or brother.

Zeppelin crash

I was in a field mesmerized by watching a huge low-flying blimp. I was watching the blimp approach and it kept getting closer and closer and lower and lower, and at a certain point I thought, wow, that's really too low. And I and some others in the field, started standing up and moving, worried that the blimp was coming right toward us, but before it reached me, it crashed, just slowly fell right into the ground.

Then it caught on fire, and the heat from the flame knocked me down. Later I found myself at a hotel where apparently they had brought the families of the crash victims. And I was stopped and questioned by a cop who looked like Richard Belzer. He seemed a little hard on me, until I started crying.

Dysfunctional neighbors

I dreamed that Redneckhunter and I lived in a duplex townhouse where we shared an entryway with our neighbors. On this particular day, we had people visiting (our guest kept switching between our friends in London, and my cousins in New Rochelle, and their kids), and our neighbors also seemed to be having some sort of big brunch party at their place, as guests kept coming in and making a lot of noise.

The neighbors were a couple where the husband was gay and the wife was considerably older and straight. And we found out the reason for the party was because the husband's mother was giving birth at their house, and her lesbian wife was the one doing the delivery.

Friday, September 10, 2010

How do you make it stop?

While on vacation, the night after quite a choppy ferry ride, I dreamed that redneckhunter and I lived on a houseboat, which was tipping and swaying quite dangerously. And like all people who live on houseboats (*sarcasm*) I had decorated the place with tons of glass objects like tall vases and such. So I was running around the place, scooping up vases before they rolled off of counters and tables, and with my hands full of glass items, I kept saying to my unresponsive husband, "How do you make it stop? How do you make it stop?"