Monday, October 12, 2009

Haunted House and Holding Hands

Saturday night we went to a haunted house, and part of the house was "Rampage" - a war-theme "Please do not run. Do not panic. Please disregard the storms of bullets, the stench of burning flesh, and the screeches of carnivorous mutants suffering from frenzied bloodlust. Prepare for battle. Prepare for madness. Prepare for RAMPAGE"

This is the dream I had that night:

I was in a haunted house with redneckhunter, and I decided, wouldn't it be fun to try to scare the actors instead? So I started doing it, and got into an altercation with one ghoul, a man. Somewhere in the melee, I lost redneckhunter, and met up with Ziggy from "The Wire"/Ray Person from "Generation Kill" - actually 2 of them - twins. I ended up leaving the haunted house with Ziggy, holding hands. Seeing redneckhunter outside, I wondered if he would be upset by the hand-holding. Then I woke up.

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