Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My red room

In Redneckhunter and my real-life place, our guest room is basically my room, decorated in my favorite color - red. In my dream, I had a red room too, only it was way bigger with high loft ceilings. In addition to the posters I have in my real room, there was also other art on the walls, and a whole Rock Band set-up. Something about the room reminded me of Mick Jagger's place in the movie "Performance."

Cars washed away

I was in a parking lot on Elkton Road in my hometown. I had my old Cadillac which I drove in high school, only I was locked out. I saw a car full of young guys, and I flagged them down. Apparently they had the key to my car, only they needed the same key to be able to drive their car. So we agreed to drive together to get the key copied and thus both be able to drive our cars.

However, as we were having this discussion in the parking lot, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that my car was more than halfway filled up with water. When I turned to look, I saw their car floating away on a high tide of water. We started running down Elkton Road in the opposite direction of the flooding. We reached a post office full of other people seeking refuge.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Beetles in the rice!

I was back at my parents' place, hanging out in my room with my childhood next door neighbor. I noticed that my mom had hung up on the walls of my room a variety of photo frames in different sizes. These were the large frames that had mats for multiple photos, and my mom had left in the sample photos of random people that had come with the frames when you buy them.

I went downstairs for breakfast, and many members of my extended family were there. I went to get some rice out of the rice cooker and we were out, so I went down to the basement to get more rice to make another batch. In my parents' basement is a storage closet in which they have kept all our toys - only when I walked in, the toys were gone, and instead there were stacks and stacks of Kleenex boxes. I had a container and was scooping rice out of our big rice tin, and then I noticed that I must have scooped from the wrong tin because there were a bunch of almonds in my container. I started scooping the almonds out of my container, when I noticed a bunch of huge beetles inside my container. They freaked me out a little, but there was one that was just a skeleton, so I started with that one. I picked it up with my fingers and then it started to move! I dropped it and really freaked out and woke up saying "AAAAH!"

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Passport between dimensions

I was in a strange airport - there were glass doors leading to unknown rooms, with strange writing etched on them. I had a passport and was passing through security, and each time I presented the passport, I passed through into some limbo state, along with another girl. Once in the limbo state, we seemed to be invisible to the two other people who were there - Patrick Swayze and Wesley Snipes. The two of them were arguing about something - the gist of it was, if we stayed there in limbo, we would be unharmed as mankind went through its demise. Or we could try to go back out and try to do something to prevent it. I wasn't sure where or when or what the "airport" was - it certainly wasn't our current world, and so my fellow traveler and I weren't sure what we could do. She and I kept passing back and forth - we thought it was odd that the security guard didn't seem to notice, but it seemed like each time we did it we appeared to be different people.

My hero

Anthony Bourdain was doing a bunch of live shows. We were friends, and he wanted to try to do a smaller show - like 700 people - but said his managers kept pushing him to do stadiums. (The likelihood of Tony Bourdain filling a stadium in real life is pretty much zero, but clearly his hero status in my eyes carries through in my dreamworld).

So I finally got a smaller show together for him - it was for a Chinese audience. I sat in the audience wearing a red college sweatshirt. The person next to me asked, is that where Bourdain went to college? And I said yeah, it seemed like an appropriate thing to wear. (In real life Tony went to the Culinary Institute of America, hardly the kind of school that would have "fan" attire, but again... some people like football stars, I like food writers)

There was a vertical banner hanging from the rafters on the side of the stage welcoming Tony in Chinese, along with some great "Engrish." Tony came onto the stage to cheers and roaring applause. My dad was serving as translator. Only when the act started, it seemed like my dad was more in the spotlight than Bourdain.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Things latching on and not letting go

There was a big moth/butterfly in the kitchen that kept hanging around no matter how much I tried to shoo it away from our food. Then at some point I had closed my eyes, and the moth landed on my right eye, and wouldn't go away. I'd swat it off, and it would come right back onto my eyelid - it was about the size of my hand. I had to force myself to wake up to stop the dream because I couldn't get rid of it.

Redneckhunter and I were on our way to his Uncle Miguel's. We pulled up at the house (which wasn't really Miguel's house). It was a modern beach house - all glass and cantilevered terraces. On the ground floor, there was a wall of windows that faced the beach, but he had painted beach scenes on the other windows which didn't face the water. He also had mirrors that reflected the windows to the ocean so that you could basically see the beach from any angle.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Getting hairy

Dreamed that I had long black hair on my arms. I just noticed it - like I had been getting hairier for a while, but finally realized it was at a point where I should do something about it. The hair was really thick and long (like 2 inches long), and dense and curly, kind of like Persian lamb.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Casually held hostage

I was in an older building with a large lecture hall. Something kind of like Princeton's McCosh 50 lecture hall, kind of like a social hall of a church. The mob showed up with guns - they were looking for someone - a revenge hit. I ran between the wooden seats, but it became apparent they weren't going to shoot us, just hold us hostage while they rooted out their man. In fact they let us move about quite a bit - I went out to a common area outside the lecture hall, and started talking to Nick Cave who was chain-smoking cigarettes. He seemed nervous and I wondered if he was the guy they were looking for.

Later on in the dream, there was something about Redneckhunter and the Freemasons.

Another pee dream

I'm a little worried about the state of my pee dreams. In this one, instead of frantically trying to find a bathroom and being faced with dirtiness and obstacles, I just copped a squat in a living room and let loose on the plush carpeting. I even ignored the fact that there were people behind me.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Adventures with Redneckhunter

Redneckhunter and I were investigating the disappearance of several women all in the same apartment building. One of the apartments we went into was deceptively small upon first glance - it just appeared to be a studio, but as you kept going, the rooms kept branching off. In addition to the studio galley kitchen, there was a whole separate kitchen with black granite and stainless steel appliances. There was a library with wall to ceiling bookcases on all 4 walls. But when you looked at the books they were all brand new Modern Library collection books, as if the woman just bought the entire collection at once to look good in the library, but she didn't actually read any of them. Redneckhunter kept wanting to go down to the alley to look up at the apartment windows, but I kept wanting to just explore the apartment for my own curiosity more than anything...

Redneckhunter had to go on a date with Taylor from VH1's Tough Love. I got to be in his head. She started fake crying.

We were sleeping in my mom and dad's room. When I was little I used to like going through my mom's clothes and trying them on, so while Redneckhunter thought I was asleep I caught him going through my dad's clothes and doing the same thing.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bachelorette party bullets

I was a waitress working a table of a group of girls out on a bachelorette party. They were all dressed in red with red ribbons and somehow I ended up tied to the table with the ribbons, and ended up being carried out along with the bachelorette partiers.

Later I ended up with them back in the same restaurant, now mostly empty. One of them had a box of bullets. While playing with them, I dropped one and it started spinning across the floor around the room. I chased after it, not wanting my restaurant bosses to see it was a bullet. I finally caught it and slipped it into my pocket, but the boss had already noticed and asked me what it was. As I was stalling, saying, um, it was, um, one of the other girls dropped a bunch of AA batteries, which went spinning across the floor. Brilliant! I recovered, and said Um, yeah, sorry, it was a battery.

Christopher Walken and the ride

I was wandering around a complex of museums. I went into a Warhol Museum store, wandered through a cafe. I'm not sure what I was looking for. Across the crowded cafe, I thought I saw redneckhunter's friend Gus, who also spotted me. But I had to keep going and didn't stop to say hi. I got on an escalator going down, and realized that it was getting darker and the tilt of the escalator was changing so that you ended up seated. There were lights and sounds and the ride was getting faster and steeper, and I realized that this was actually an art installation. It would have been kind of scary except that a young Christopher Walken ended up seated across from me and he was smiling and singing "New York, New York" and it was fun like a roller coaster.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Face pain

My face was badly sunburned or windburned. I kept putting moisturizer on, but it still hurt. Badly.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dumb stuff from my youth

I was back to eating in the college dining hall, at the beach cruising the boardwalk, in a bar shouting at people to be heard. It was both fun and not fun.

Monday, February 1, 2010

School lunch

I dreamed I was in a little kid's body - to be exact, that of my 6-year old niece. I was in school and sitting next to Danny from 30 Rock. Even though he was in my class, he was Danny as his own adult self. I was eating an Eggs Benedict-style dish, only instead of the English muffin, it was a cinnamon crumpet, and instead of Hollandaise, it was a cheesier sauce - pretty delicious.

Frank Gehry Nursery

I was in the Lewis Library on the Princeton campus, which is a Frank-Gehry designed building with a lot of bright colors and odd curves. I was in the library and noticed a section that appeared to be a nursery. Gehry had designed the furniture within the library. So in this case, the nursery furniture was all one piece like one large Gehry-designed jungle gym - with a built-in changing table, drawers, cubbyholes, a hammock-like hanging cradle, all in bright primary colors. I was looking at this nursery set when I noticed a baby just left there alone in the crib! Almost as if the baby was there for display purposes. So I picked her up, and started to try to figure out who, if anyone, was there to take care of her...