Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bachelorette party bullets

I was a waitress working a table of a group of girls out on a bachelorette party. They were all dressed in red with red ribbons and somehow I ended up tied to the table with the ribbons, and ended up being carried out along with the bachelorette partiers.

Later I ended up with them back in the same restaurant, now mostly empty. One of them had a box of bullets. While playing with them, I dropped one and it started spinning across the floor around the room. I chased after it, not wanting my restaurant bosses to see it was a bullet. I finally caught it and slipped it into my pocket, but the boss had already noticed and asked me what it was. As I was stalling, saying, um, it was, um, one of the other girls dropped a bunch of AA batteries, which went spinning across the floor. Brilliant! I recovered, and said Um, yeah, sorry, it was a battery.

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