Sunday, February 21, 2010

Passport between dimensions

I was in a strange airport - there were glass doors leading to unknown rooms, with strange writing etched on them. I had a passport and was passing through security, and each time I presented the passport, I passed through into some limbo state, along with another girl. Once in the limbo state, we seemed to be invisible to the two other people who were there - Patrick Swayze and Wesley Snipes. The two of them were arguing about something - the gist of it was, if we stayed there in limbo, we would be unharmed as mankind went through its demise. Or we could try to go back out and try to do something to prevent it. I wasn't sure where or when or what the "airport" was - it certainly wasn't our current world, and so my fellow traveler and I weren't sure what we could do. She and I kept passing back and forth - we thought it was odd that the security guard didn't seem to notice, but it seemed like each time we did it we appeared to be different people.

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