Monday, February 22, 2010

Beetles in the rice!

I was back at my parents' place, hanging out in my room with my childhood next door neighbor. I noticed that my mom had hung up on the walls of my room a variety of photo frames in different sizes. These were the large frames that had mats for multiple photos, and my mom had left in the sample photos of random people that had come with the frames when you buy them.

I went downstairs for breakfast, and many members of my extended family were there. I went to get some rice out of the rice cooker and we were out, so I went down to the basement to get more rice to make another batch. In my parents' basement is a storage closet in which they have kept all our toys - only when I walked in, the toys were gone, and instead there were stacks and stacks of Kleenex boxes. I had a container and was scooping rice out of our big rice tin, and then I noticed that I must have scooped from the wrong tin because there were a bunch of almonds in my container. I started scooping the almonds out of my container, when I noticed a bunch of huge beetles inside my container. They freaked me out a little, but there was one that was just a skeleton, so I started with that one. I picked it up with my fingers and then it started to move! I dropped it and really freaked out and woke up saying "AAAAH!"

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