Thursday, February 4, 2010

Christopher Walken and the ride

I was wandering around a complex of museums. I went into a Warhol Museum store, wandered through a cafe. I'm not sure what I was looking for. Across the crowded cafe, I thought I saw redneckhunter's friend Gus, who also spotted me. But I had to keep going and didn't stop to say hi. I got on an escalator going down, and realized that it was getting darker and the tilt of the escalator was changing so that you ended up seated. There were lights and sounds and the ride was getting faster and steeper, and I realized that this was actually an art installation. It would have been kind of scary except that a young Christopher Walken ended up seated across from me and he was smiling and singing "New York, New York" and it was fun like a roller coaster.

After the ride let off, we were in a lobby-type area, waiting for an elevator to take us back upstairs. A blond prostitute started propositioning Walken. He and I were sitting on a bench waiting, and the prostitute got on her knees in front of him, and was trying to entice him. So Christopher Walken held my hand and pretended we were a couple to try to discourage her. He was wearing a wedding ring, and I was wearing my wedding ring too. Finally the elevator came and we got on.

At the next floor, the doors opened and I heard Dan Ackroyd's voice. I saw him through the doors and it was also a young Dan Ackroyd. I said to Walken, do you know him - he's really funny. And Walken said that he did. A young Chevy Chase was with Dan Ackroyd, and they both got on the elevator and greeted Walken. Chevy Chase was joking around, him being so tall and me being so short, he was pretending that he didn't see me and kept crowding me into the elevator wall.

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