Saturday, February 20, 2010

Things latching on and not letting go

There was a big moth/butterfly in the kitchen that kept hanging around no matter how much I tried to shoo it away from our food. Then at some point I had closed my eyes, and the moth landed on my right eye, and wouldn't go away. I'd swat it off, and it would come right back onto my eyelid - it was about the size of my hand. I had to force myself to wake up to stop the dream because I couldn't get rid of it.

Redneckhunter and I were on our way to his Uncle Miguel's. We pulled up at the house (which wasn't really Miguel's house). It was a modern beach house - all glass and cantilevered terraces. On the ground floor, there was a wall of windows that faced the beach, but he had painted beach scenes on the other windows which didn't face the water. He also had mirrors that reflected the windows to the ocean so that you could basically see the beach from any angle.

Miguel had some nickname, so redneckhunter was saying that he wanted a nickname too. I said, "You're The Mongoose!" We wanted to get some food, and we remembered there were some fast food options on our way in - Wendy's and KFC. So we walked out and passed a group of hipster guys, and then we noticed more and more hipstery looking people all headed in the same direction. We figured they were probably going to a concert.

We saw the marquee and figured out the concert was Beastie Boys with David Bowie. All of a sudden I felt something clamp onto my leg. I looked down and saw it was a bulldog - he had his whole body surrounding my leg from the thigh on down, and his jaws around my thigh.

I started shouting for help, and for someone to get the dog off of me. This went for a while - people were noticing, but no one was helping. It didn't hurt - he had not bitten into my flesh, but I was a little worried about pissing the dog off and having him actually bite me. Finally the owner came up, and I yelled at him for letting the dog run so far ahead and not keeping an eye on it.

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