Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lady Gaga and mistaken pregnancy

Redneckhunter and I were at a Lady Gaga concert. It was a seated concert in a grand old theater. There were lots of dancers and she seemed to be performing David Copperfield-style spectacle magic while singing and dancing - lots of smoke and mirrors type stuff. In one number she appeared to grow taller and taller with larger and larger boxes appearing to grow out of her legs - it was very Alice in Wonderland.

Then I was in NYC at a shop and saw a woman who redneckhunter coaches in rowing. It took me a while to place her. I also ran into a woman from work, and I thought how strange that they'd all be shopping at the same store in New York.

The rower said hi to me while I was looking at some stretchy camisoles. As I examined the camisoles, I saw that the tags had labels like "For 4-6 months" or "6-9 months" and it took me a while to realize that they were maternity clothes and the recommendations were for when to wear them in your pregnancy. I thought, oh no, now she will go back to the team and tell them all that we are expecting! She seemed to be shopping for a dress to wear to her wedding (though to the best of my knowledge she is not engaged in real life...)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Assorted mini dreams

It was a rainy day and I was on my way with redneckhunter to a family gathering. We walked past a house with a porch where there were Princeton alumni wearing their Reunions jackets all going to a party.

Later, I was running in race with Debbie. It was a big event, but it was like the race was an afterthought. There was only a narrow roped off area for the course - the width of a hallway. And it was winding through people drinking and partying. At one point, we ran past a concert stage, and it was Paul Weller performing, so I shouted "I love you, Paul Weller" and waved as I ran past.

Then I was on a New York city street corner with Clinton Kelley of "What Not to Wear." He had an Eastern European accent. I was telling him how the latest episode of "How I Met Your Mother" had made me feel old because Barney is upset that a girl he slept with lied about her age when she was actually 31.

Then I was with my family on a family vacation and we were calculating expenses where everyone had to document every cup of coffee and pay for his or her share.

Rough night at the bar

I was with my friend Karin at a very dark bar, and we saw 2 dudes who looked like Osama Bin Laden. Of course we didn't really think it was Bin Laden, until my brother-in-law Kyle who is in the Special Forces came in and attacked the one Bin Laden who was still there with a knife. The other Bin Laden however, had snuck out a back door.

I had to move behind some dark heavy black curtains - they were like theater curtains, and there were flamenco dancers back there, and I had a maneuver past the heavy skirts of their costumes. I was crawling on the floor under and past their skirts.

Suddenly I realized there were mice and rats everywhere all over the floor with me, so I freaked out and woke myself up.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sauna room gawking

Redneckhunter and I were at a small water park with 2 of his former co-workers. We were in wading pools, but the water was kind of deep for me. It came up to above my chin, so I had to bob to keep my head above water. Then we went into an underwater passageway that opened up to a sauna room. The room had windows to the outside, where people had gathered to watch us. So we sat and stared at them staring at us. Only then I noticed that no one was actually looking at us - they were all staring at Megan Fox who was also in the sauna.

Tickle monster at the Chinese market

I was wandering through a Chinese market in a narrow winding alleyway with my mom. As the alleyway got smaller and more empty, I started getting nervous, but my mom insisted on going on until the alley dead-ended. So we turned back at that point -- I was pushing a shopping cart, and she was walking behind me, but she was kind of slow.

We got back and needed to take an elevator, so I got in the elevator and pushed the button to hold the doors open. I saw a shadow coming around a corner and thought it was her, but when the person rounded the corner, I saw that it was a huge guy - like 7 feet tall - with a bright red crazy long-haired clown wig. I started screaming "Mommy! Mommy!" but I didn't know where she was. He got in the elevator with me and I was screaming in horror as he reached out to tickle me in my armpit since my arm was still extended holding the button. Then I woke up.

Nipples on my butt

I had nipples on my butt, as if each butt cheek were a breast. I was looking at myself naked in the mirror trying to figure them out. And I wondered if they would be visible through a bathing suit bottom.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rain Indoors

I was in Africa staying in a big Victorian townhouse. I was sleeping on the top floor, and there was torrential rain outside, and suddenly the rain was inside the house. The roof apparently was not holding out the water, and it was pouring inside. The heavy raindrops on my face woke me up. There were other people sleeping in sleeping bags with me on the top floor, so we retreated down to a lower level where it was still dry.

I wondered why the owners of the house - who were an older British couple - had not fixed the roof, but I figured it was a huge house for just 2 people, and they probably never had to deal with things on the top floor if they didn't need to.

The next day, the sun was shining, and the temperature was astronomically high, and so the wet top floor was like a sauna, the sun baking away all the moisture.

Shutter Island

I was a black woman and I was imprisoned on a remote rocky island - looked like the one in Shutter Island. Two other prisoners and I decided to attempt an escape - we squeezed through a gap in a high metal fence and onto a rocky cliff ledge. We had to climb down to the beach, but once down there, we realized there really wasn't a way to survive the ocean, so we started climbing back up.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Hotel Stay

I was staying in a hotel room.  Someone kept turning the lights on while I was asleep, and the lights would cause me to wake up.  People were jumping on he bed in the other room in the suite, too, though I didn't seem too upset about that.  Then my wake-up call didn't happen, and I woke up late to catch my flight home.

This dream was a little vague and boring, but it is interesting because I had it while I was actually, in real life, staying in a hotel suite.  There were like 25 different lights turned on in there, only half of which were controlled by switches, the rest had to be turned off by hand (including one that was part of the under-the-counter microwave).  I also had an early morning flight, and was worried that the wake-up call wouldn't come, as happened the last time I stayed in one of the larger suites at that hotel chain (because the phones there actually had 2 different lines, and the wrong button was clicked).

We don't like the people upstairs

We have never had luck with our upstairs neighbors. Recently a new batch of them as moved in, and just in the first few weeks, it's not looking like these new tenants are any better at helping with the general courtesies of living on separate floors of a single house - like taking out the garbage and recycling, etc.

Last night's dream: We parked the car in our spot in the small shared lot next to the house, and went into our place. When we came back out, the car was gone. The upstairs neighbors were having a party and people were hanging out outside. I suspected that the neighbors had had our car towed from right out of our own parking lot, so I confronted one of them. He said, they were just fucking with us, and just moved our car around the corner. I was furious and was screaming at him - why the hell would you do something like that?!

Because I have never actually seen our real neighbors and have no idea what they look like, I had to put a face on this guy I was yelling at, so it was a friend of a friend that we had met last weekend - a Scots-Irish guy originally from Georgia who took an instantly liking to redneckhunter for whatever reason.