Friday, April 2, 2010

Hotel Stay

I was staying in a hotel room.  Someone kept turning the lights on while I was asleep, and the lights would cause me to wake up.  People were jumping on he bed in the other room in the suite, too, though I didn't seem too upset about that.  Then my wake-up call didn't happen, and I woke up late to catch my flight home.

This dream was a little vague and boring, but it is interesting because I had it while I was actually, in real life, staying in a hotel suite.  There were like 25 different lights turned on in there, only half of which were controlled by switches, the rest had to be turned off by hand (including one that was part of the under-the-counter microwave).  I also had an early morning flight, and was worried that the wake-up call wouldn't come, as happened the last time I stayed in one of the larger suites at that hotel chain (because the phones there actually had 2 different lines, and the wrong button was clicked).

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