Friday, April 2, 2010

We don't like the people upstairs

We have never had luck with our upstairs neighbors. Recently a new batch of them as moved in, and just in the first few weeks, it's not looking like these new tenants are any better at helping with the general courtesies of living on separate floors of a single house - like taking out the garbage and recycling, etc.

Last night's dream: We parked the car in our spot in the small shared lot next to the house, and went into our place. When we came back out, the car was gone. The upstairs neighbors were having a party and people were hanging out outside. I suspected that the neighbors had had our car towed from right out of our own parking lot, so I confronted one of them. He said, they were just fucking with us, and just moved our car around the corner. I was furious and was screaming at him - why the hell would you do something like that?!

Because I have never actually seen our real neighbors and have no idea what they look like, I had to put a face on this guy I was yelling at, so it was a friend of a friend that we had met last weekend - a Scots-Irish guy originally from Georgia who took an instantly liking to redneckhunter for whatever reason.

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