Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Euro House

Dreamed that I lived in my current apartment with 2 European guys (one blond guy with a black eye, one dark-haired with scruff - both Germanic/Scandinavian types). We had 3 single beds in the current bedroom, and there were always people hanging out in the living room constantly day and night. There were also multiple apartments on the floors above, and I couldn't keep straight who actually lived in the building or not. People were constantly coming in and out while I tried to sleep. I moved from my bed to one of my roommates, but didn't like it because it was a waterbed. At one point, I came out to the living room, looked out the large windows on our front porch - the sun was near the horizon, and I asked "Is the sun rising or setting - I've lost track of time..." Someone told me the sun was rising, and as I was staring out the window contemplating that I had stayed up all night, I noticed a guy taking my picture from outside.

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