Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cooking without a pan

Redneckhunter was making meat sauce on the range... literally. Meaning he was making sauce directly on top of the burners without a pan. I kept arguing with him that there wasn't a pan there, but he argued with me that it was ok.

Cooking for actors

I was part of a summer stock theater production out in the country, though I couldn't figure out exactly what my role was, why I was there, since I don't act or direct, or do lighting or sound or stage sets or anything. It reminded me of an internship I had at a summer arts festival in New York State where I first realized that I really hated actors as people to hang out with. Anyway, then it occurred to me - or I kind of decided - that I was the cook.

So I set up a buffet meal - both meat and vegetarian options. One actress started asking me about whether the vegetarian entrees were truly vegetarian, were the beans cooked in chicken stock, etc. So I was kind of a bitch to her about it. I preferred dealing with the crew over the actors.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Alien ape babies

Some round boulder fell from the sky, and we brought it inside. It started to crack like an egg hatching, so redneckhunter told me to make sure I retrieved the transmitter inside. So I took it out to the back porch, and waited for it to hatch - it got bulbous and out popped a little black plastic thing, so I picked it up and brought it inside.

When I got back inside, redneckhunter had a baby gorilla in each arm, dressed in little clothes. One was a boy and one was a girl. I was a little frightened of them, though they seemed perfectly calm, so I focused on cleaning up around the house. The house was a mess - there were food scraps all over the floors - carrot peels, etc. So I was busy sweeping, and doing the dishes. Then one gorilla started imitating me cleaning. I laughed at him, and then he talked. They were both very intelligent. I asked them if they were going to get bigger or if they were fully grown, cause I wasn't sure if we could keep them if they turned into full-size gorillas.

Being inconspicuous; Being ostentatious

Part One: It was pitch black outside my house, and I was coming up from the parking lot and had to feel my way along the curb and along the side of the house, up the stairs. When I got inside, there were a bunch of other people there in the living room. It seemed like they were hiding. A car drove up the street and started shining a bright light into the living room, and everyone crouched down so as to not be seen by the light.

Part Two: I was wearing a horrendous 80s bright purple harem pant jumpsuit. People kept staring at me in restaurants, etc. but I thought it was cause I looked like a fashionista.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Fight club

After watching Ong Bak 2 this weekend, I dreamed I was being forced to fight in some gladiatorial style exhibition. I had 4 opponents - each getting progressively bigger. The first was a tiny skinny girl who I was pretty confident I could beat, but then each opponent got bigger and bigger. My theory was that the whole thing was for sickos who liked to watch girls get beat up...

Communal Living

First part of the dream I was stuck sleeping in a small space on a bunch of air mattresses with my department from work (I had this dream before the weekend's storms that brought power outages which left some work colleagues seeking shelter in the local gymnasium!)

Then I dreamed about a 20-something social media blogger acquaintance of mine who lives quite a "Sex and the City" lifestyle as a young media maven. She was there as well and asked if I wanted to head out with her to do some "food hopping" as she called it - meaning grazing at various eateries. It was midnight at the time, so all I thought, was "oh the life of the young..."

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pete Townshend

The Who was playing at a small bar, and I was right up front by the stage, which was about 6 feet tall even though the place was tiny. Because the stage was so tall, I could really only see Pete Townshend who was right in front of me, but I was by myself, rocking out, having fun. Then I realized that Pete Townshend had come down and was taking me backstage up the stairs and onto the stage. I thought to myself, you know, he doesn't look that old up close and in person. There were a few other girls up there, but they were all wearing matching shorts and t-shirts (like cheerleaders or Hooters girls). Then they had us moving a row of schoolroom desks and chairs around, but something about it was really silly to me, so I kept laughing at it all.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sebastian Bach and Paper Planes

I was walking around the Main Street of my hometown with Sebastian Bach, and another guy and girl. This was not the hot "18 to Life" Sebastian Bach of the 80s, but instead was the weathered and bloated 41-year-old "Celebrity Fit Club" Sebastian Bach of today. Still he looked pretty sharp in a khaki suit, and he was definitely flirting with me. While we were walking around the other girl and I were singing "Paper Planes."

Monday, March 1, 2010

Avoiding the office party

Our VP at work is stepping down. In the dream, I was avoiding the goodbye party because I was worried that I would be called on to play piano, and I didn't have anything prepared. Then I found myself with a crying baby (my cousin's youngest daughter), desperately trying to find a place to change her. She was soaking wet. Her top was all wet from drool, and her bottom was all wet from pee.