Monday, March 15, 2010

Communal Living

First part of the dream I was stuck sleeping in a small space on a bunch of air mattresses with my department from work (I had this dream before the weekend's storms that brought power outages which left some work colleagues seeking shelter in the local gymnasium!)

Then I dreamed about a 20-something social media blogger acquaintance of mine who lives quite a "Sex and the City" lifestyle as a young media maven. She was there as well and asked if I wanted to head out with her to do some "food hopping" as she called it - meaning grazing at various eateries. It was midnight at the time, so all I thought, was "oh the life of the young..."

Next, I came into my room, and saw that Redneckhunter had taken my monkey face rug which I have in my closet, and had used a jigsaw and cut out its nose. (He tells me that I was pretty upset with him while talking in my sleep...)

Finally, Redneckhunter and I were living in a large Victorian brownstone with many other people. On our floor we lived with a hipster father and his daughter. A delivery guy came by (equally hipstery and looking a little like Eli Roth) - and was chatting non-stop spouting a lot of pseudo-intellectual talk. He said something about ascetism with a nod to a painting we had up (which looked in the style of the stuff that hangs on D's walls).

The father and daughter were eating this dried hair-like seaweed (called "fa cai" in Chinese which literally means "hair vegetable") along with equally thin and hairlike dried rice noodles. I asked if I could taste it, and said "Hm, I bet that would be good in some broth." To which the guy got defensive, saying, "We like it just fine like this!" I tried to calm him down saying, "I'm not judging, sometimes I eat like that too... other times I actually like to cook my food..." The daughter had really large dark freckles (actually kind creepy-looking), and I called her Freckle Face.

It was Sunday, and the whole house was heading out for shopping day. As we walked down the stairs passing different floors, different people would join us on our way out, including 2 other couples that Redneckhunter and I are friends with.

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