Friday, January 22, 2010

More bad movies...

I was in my college art class with Powers Boothe, my former drawing teacher. It was the first class and he started it off by having us watch a movie. He said it was by The Weinstein Company, but it seemed to be some cheesy soft-core beach movie. I was on the end of a couch, my friend Melissa was next to me, my cousin 1000yregg next to her, and Powers on the other end. I fell asleep during it, but hoped that the teacher was too far away to notice.

After that movie, he said we were going to watch 2 more film versions of the same archetypal story - one good film, and one bad film. I had 2 thoughts - 1) there was a plot to the movie we just saw? and 2) there's a film version out there that's worse?

His co-teacher then joined us. She looked like Thandie Newton and she wore a red cosplay Gothic Lolita outfit - red and flouncy with big white ruffles, a white bonnet and white apron. She sat next to me on the couch and started bouncing up and down. I said to her, jeez you're like some yappy little dog that humps everything it sees.

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