Friday, January 22, 2010

Virtual Reality Movies?

Continuing in the vein of being within a movie while not really being it, but rather still being a viewer, this time I was in a Charlton Heston movie. He played a Roman gladiator, and after an amazing feat of heroism, he walked right up to me (my character), looking the character I embodied right in the eye. I was supposed to be an elderly woman (his mother perhaps?) and Heston leaned in and kissed my character on the cheek. The whole time, I was in the character amazed at how lifelike the movie felt.

I had also heard about a project for a touch screen virtual reality experience with Brigitte Bardot. I thought to myself, hmm, no one's going to want to have virtual playtime with today's Bardot, so they must be using CGI and old footage to create this game/movie.

Then I was watching movies in the room that is my parent's dining room, only it was set up with a couch and a TV. There's a half wall separating the room with the foyer, and my dad was standing on the other side of the half wall. My mom was on the couch with me. They were both falling asleep. I watched a variety of things, but ended up on a sex scene between Raul Julia and Julie Christie which looked like it was from the late 60s. It started out being a pretty standard fuzzy-lens softcore-ish sex scene, but then suddenly Raul Julia takes a nail and puts it through his penis. He just pushed it in like a pushpin in a corkboard - it didn't seem painful at all. There was a string attached to the nail and the other end was attached another nail through Julie Christie's private parts.

Then the scene moved out of the bedroom - Julie Christie was sitting at a Parisian sidewalk cafe, serenely drinking her coffee, and the camera panned down following the string over to Raul Julia. As I watched it, I seemed to recall someone telling me about this movie and how shocked they were when they saw it. I have to admit, at this point, it kind of disgusted me, and didn't really want to watch any further. It occurred to me - I hope my parents were asleep and didn't see any of that...

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