Friday, February 25, 2011

New neighbors

In my dream, a cool old brick building at the end of Nassau Street in Princeton had been converted to luxury apartments, and we lived in one of them. There was a courtyard in the middle, and when we looked across we could see directly into the house of one of our neighbors. This was a huge place with a 2-story vaulted ceiling room, that was hung with medieval art, with a stage and lecture seating. It looked like some sort of chapel, but it was just a room where they did their daily things, like getting the kids off to school with backpacks and lunches.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Billy Connolly were also our neighbors apparently. Princeton, the town itself, also seemed much hipper and more urban. We were sleeping one night and one of our neighbors was out on his balcony in the courtyard talking loudly on the phone. He had an annoying nasal voice, and he was saying "I'm the wine guy, that's my thing."

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