Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cannibal zombie rowers

Redneckhunter and I going on a speedboat ride. We were just on for a few minutes, and it was crazy fast jumping, swerving. We stopped momentarily and I knew I had to take Dramamine if I was going to make it any longer. Then we realized that we were being followed by sculling boats with ominous cannibal zombie rowers. We took off and they chased after. We realized there were other boats escaping the scary rowers, and we banded together to figure out the best way to evade them. The waterways were like a grid, and we turned left and right trying to lose our pursuers, but got very confused as to any sense of direction, and kept getting cut off by more scary rowing boats. At one point we decided to break off from the others, and turned down a waterway on our own. We realized we were close to where we had started.

We came back to where we had started and found an abandoned building, so we got out to explore. As we wandered around the empty building we heard a disembodied voice echoing through the walls. I was scared and for some reason decided that I should climb higher and higher up scaffoldings and beams. Then I saw the source of the voice - it was a small robot. So I grabbed a rock or piece of metal and threw it at the robot, and took its head off. The others came and found me, and tore the other limbs off the robot. The robot wasn't dead, but we knew that if we scattered its parts around, at least it would buy us some time to get away.

But when we got back to the water, our boat was gone. So I decided to use my stuffed-animal pig as a raft. The others were able to find other stuffed animals and away we went. We floated along some rapid water until we came upon an enclave of people hiding out. My cousin was there, along with some of his friends. They were just hanging out playing video games, eating, having fun. There was a goth girl who was slowly painting a sheet of paper, one line at a time with black nail polish. She said she was studying the Book of the Dead, and the goal was by the time she had finished painting the whole page black, she'd have learned the entire Book. I started yelling that she was evil, and she needed to be stopped, that she would cause the darkness to descend on us, and that they didn't understand what was coming.

My cousin and his friends didn't get it (they hadn't seen the zombie cannibal rowers), and they said that I should calm down, and that we should go shopping to distract me. So we took an elevator down to a Japanese toy store. While we were in the store, suddenly iron security gates came down. I freaked out and said something bad was happening - it was an emergency reaction. My cousin said, no, the store is just closing... but I knew something was happening. We found our way out of the store, and found ourselves in a Japanese shopping mall. We were carrying guns, but I realized that people were staring at us, and looked scared of us.

In our world, we all had guns - after all there were cannibal zombies around - so I said, we must have gone back to the old world, before the zombies, to Japan. So I hid my gun under a coat that I had draped over my arm, and tried to look inconspicuous. One of our group said, we should get out of here, follow me, and jumped down off a train platform onto the tracks. We followed, but then realized that we were being chased by Japanese police officers. We were running down a tunnel toward a light to open air at the end of the tunnel - I was pretty sure I could outrun the cops. Then I woke up.

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