Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snowy car chase

It was an early snowy morning, and Redneckhunter and I were parked in the parking lot of an office building on Route 1. Redneckhunter was trying to track someone down in the building, so I waited in the car. I locked the doors, but then I noticed an older woman outside. Suddenly she came toward the car with a hammer and tried to smash my window! There was also a man with her. Someone else came up to the driver's side, and I freaked until I saw it was Redneckhunter. I let him in, and said go go go go go ! He started the car, but it was icy and slippery, so it was slow going... He also had trouble finding his way out of the parking lot. At one point we had driven into a dead end. He said, oh no and looked like he had given up, until I said, "What's your problem?! We're in a car, they're on foot, just drive - reverse!!"

So we found our way back out to Route 1. It was snowy, so we were going fast, but not super fast. Then I heard a loud motorcycle coming up behind us. It was the old couple still chasing us! I thought I saw a gun! Then I woke up.

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