Friday, January 21, 2011

Rich ladies and monsters

I was at an event and started talking to a very well-dressed blond woman. I didn't realize it, but at some point she was called to a podium - apparently she had made a huge charitable donation and was being feted for it. Redneckhunter and I then found ourselves at her mansion - a very well-appointed British country estate. We were on the terrace looking down over the gardens - there were some deer roaming around, and then suddenly I said "Whoa, what is that?!" There was an enormous squirrel monkey - probably around 8 feet tall. Then I saw an equally large blue-skinned creature with crazy orange hair. 1000yregg was also there, so I asked him if he had his camera with him. I borrowed the camera and tried to take a picture, but every time I pushed the button to snap the picture, the camera reverted to viewing mode. I couldn't get a photo of the crazy monsters - they weren't scary at all, more like the big creatures from Where the Wild Things Are.

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