Friday, January 7, 2011

A Riot of Sorts

Redneckhunter and I were inside an upscale city mall, and there was some sort of riot going on. It looked like a mall, but it was supposed to be a school, and the students were out of control. As we wandered around, there were a lot of people running around - we weren't sure what was going on. Then we saw the principal, who we seemed to know well (perhaps we were teachers?). He looked like a human version of Redneckhunter's Little Big Planet sack person, with a big handlebar mustache and wearing big gold-tone 1970s sunglasses. After talking to him a little bit, we realized he seemed stoned, so we asked him if he was, and he said, yeah, it's been rough today, I had to smoke a bowl.

We wandered around a little more, and Redneckhunter passed by a display case of fancy expensive glass vacuum coffee makers and was looking at them, and I said, go ahead, just take it, who's gonna know?

I passed by a little kid with a long pointy hook, and was a little wary of him, and kind of gave him a look. Suddenly he lashed out at me with the hook and snagged my forearm with it. He started pulling on it and it cut a long gash down the length of my arm. Furious at him, I grabbed the long hook away from him and started beating him with it. I was shocked at my own viciousness.

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