Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wild Boar-Elephant Attacks

I just had one of the weirdest dreams I can remember having in a long time.

I was at the ocean with my brother.  We were swimming out in the waves, and he said he wanted to do a test.  From nowhere he produces a gallon jug of cooking oil (while skulling), and pours out about half of it, then tells me to swim through it for a bit, so I can see what it feels like.  It was just a thin, oily feeling, not like gulf coast oil spill covering you until you die.

We continue swimming back, and now I am holding the oil container, which is half oil, and half seawater now.  At some point it gets really heavy and almost drags me under for a minute.  Then my powerful swimming talent kicks in [ed: I did used to swim as a kid], and I get over it.  In my sleeping brain, this was some sort of science experiment that I now "got" as to why the jug suddenly got heavy, something to do with density changes and swimming through pockets of warmer water.  I called my brother over and gave the jug to him, and then he sank, until his swimming memory kicked in too.

Then we were just chilling out about chest deep, and I noticed a large, shaggy brownish-black animal floating in to shore.  I pointed it out to my brother, who had his back to it, and he turned around and started swimming away.  I yelled to him, asking if it was a dead animal, but then I saw that it was alive.  It was like a giant wild boar, but it had an elephant trunk and tusks.  It was huge.

I knew I was supposed to be swimming away from it, but either I wasn't, or I couldn't swim faster than it.  It slowly approached me, then with its trunk it started sniffing me, like a cat does when you first meet it.  Then it turned and swam back out to sea.

At this point, I was now in my childhood backyard.  We have a creek running through it, big enough for boating and whatnot.  Only now I was running a summer camp type thing, and the boar-elephant creature was attacking my campers.  I ran out to the creek edge from our back deck, and am yelling at a bunch of kids to swim to shore before it's too late.  My brother is there too, and helps swim one of them in, but is too scared to jump in to help the rest.

I jump in, but as I am swimming out to them, I see the trunk wind around the leg of a small girl and drag her under. I make it to the rest of them, and start swimming them in, but the trunk comes up again and tries to grab another one.  I see it has a gaping maw of teeth, too.

One of the other kids turns out to be my cousin Brian, and he is wearing a suit (which in real life I don't think I have ever seen him wear), and it's like he was a plane crash survivor.  He and I struggle with the second kid who is being yanked on, and somehow overcome the wild beast, and drag the rest of the kids to shore.

Now I have some woman co-running the camp with me, and we are at a fast food type place, getting food for everyone.  I ask her if she has had a chance to notify the parents of the killed girl, and she says no, "the company" just told them to meet us back there because there was an emergency.  She returns to our table, while I wait for our food at the counter, and I realize that I should be comforting the camp runner too, because she has the hard job of telling the family that their daughter was killed.

The end.  I have no idea what this dream means.  At all.

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  1. Wow, Freud would have a field day with this one...