Monday, July 12, 2010

Music calms the worm

I was in a sci-fi movie - with the point of view of a character played by a Brad-Pitt-look-a-like. Faux-Brad Pitt was working in a field (the scene was similar to a bad Sci-Fi Channel movie that redneckhunter was watching the other day), when suddenly in the distance I could see a giant worm (like the worms from Dune) approaching across the fields.

I/faux-Brad-Pitt started running for my life toward an old manor house that I saw in the distance, periodically turning back to see how quickly the worm was approaching behind me. I made it to the house and started looking for an open door. I heard piano music coming from the house, and found an open set of French doors. I ran in and tried to hide behind a couch so that the woman at the piano would not see me and be frightened, but she seemed to not notice at all. She was blind.

The worm had caught up by this point and came right up to the doors and windows. By this point, the woman playing the piano realized that the worm was there - she could feel the vibrations of the giant worm moving, but somehow faux-Brad-Pitt was communicating to her to keep playing. The worm seemed to calm down - it continued to peer into the windows, but it didn't smash through into the house - and after a while it moved on.

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