Tuesday, July 6, 2010

On campus

I was searching online for a "black and white polkadot romper." I guess since we currently don't have working internet at home, I was at the computer cluster on Princeton campus. I remember being a little embarrassed at doing online shopping while everyone around me was doing schoolwork. I was having trouble typing though - every time I tried to type in "black and white polkadot romper" - it always came out as different words.

A very young undergrad sat at the computer next to me and he was having problems with Final Cut Pro or some other video editing software that I know, so I started helping him. Then he started kissing me, and I was like, what?! He said, just relax... Then he picked me up and carried me out of the computer cluster "Office and a Gentleman"-style while the other people in the computer cluster cheered.

Then I found myself outside near the football stadium, and I had a heavy backpack and was trudging my way back up the hill - much steeper in the dream than in real life. I decided to cut through a building, which was not a real campus building - only in my dream. Inside it was an abandoned and empty and dilapidated lecture hall - pretty cool looking.

I ran into a couple friends of redneckhunter's. I revealed to them that what I was carrying was a shitload of alcohol for a party to which they were coming, but even then, neither of them bothered to help me carrying the bag.

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