Monday, December 12, 2011

Recent dream snippets

My stuffed animal pig had turned a deep red (instead of her usual powder pink).  I said it was because she was sun-burned.

Was in a mall food court and saw an ex-boyfriend (looking exactly like his mid-20s self) even though it's been over 12 years.  But when I stopped him, he seemed bewildered.

Louis C.K. was in my dream, can't remember what he was doing.

Had a couple hairless baby pandas in my kitchen.  They started doing back flips all over the place, and I thought about opening the back door to let them outside, but then was afraid they'd run away.  So I try to get them under a cardboard box with holes cut into it.

A guy who created super-powerful scents, using his own bodily smell. He was constantly sniffing his own crotch.  His scents were sold black-market though, like drugs.

Peeing endlessly on the carpet.

Vincent Cassel wearing a Crips blue bandana do-rag on his head.  I was in France with him and a German girl backpacker -- I couldn't speak any German.

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