Friday, July 15, 2011

The Fortress

I was scaling a fortress wall of some kind, along with many other people. There were people on the inside of the fortress helping us over, and so a huge shirtless muscle-bound guy basically picked me up and lifted me over the wall.

Then we were in a cafeteria getting lunch. I couldn't decide what I wanted. There was a special on pork belly served over a salad, but I was leaning toward the spicy chicken rice bowl.

After that, it was like I was in the world of Game of Thrones, in a cathedral that looked kind of like the Princeton chapel. There was a "champion" who was supposed to accompany the king - he looked like Alside from True Blood. But the king didn't like him, and instead summoned two dragons which appeared from out of the cathedral rooftop, perhaps gargoyles come to life. Everyone had to cover their faces with orange Shamwows when the King passed. There was also a "talking head" in the King's entourage - the head sat on a platter, but was fully alive, with no body.

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