Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fashionable fugitive

I was staying in a hotel with a girl who I had met last year on my honeymoon in Peru. She was a Chinese-American girl from NYC and I had a bit of a girl-crush on her. Anyway, in the dream, I found out that she was wanted for some crime and was on the lam, and she had disappeared again but left all her luggage in our hotel room. So I needed to run upstairs and find some clothes of hers to give to the investigators who were looking for her.

I went upstairs but instead of just grabbing the first things I found, I ended up going through her clothes and trying stuff on and getting distracted. She had some awesome clothes, including a vintage Chanel wool shift dress, very Joan-Holloway-Mad Men-style. She had a great black cashmere sweater with an awesome graphic lime green pattern on it. Finally I could hear the police downstairs talking, so I realized I should go down, so I grabbed those things and went downstairs, so of course I was mortified when they took the Chanel and basically threw it on the ground for the search dogs!

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