Monday, May 21, 2012

My not-so-great idea

I had an idea in my dream in which cassette singles (from the 80s) were replaced by paper card singles.  Kids could buy songs on paper cards -- that way they could buy them with cash, and not have to use their parent's credit card online.  Then the card could be inserted (like an SD card) into your cell phone or mp3 player and you could play the song from the card.

That's not a bouncy ball

I was playing with 2 1/2 year old nephew Christian.  He had a bunch of pool balls, but he was playing with them the way he plays with his other balls - throwing them, and trying to bounce them off the floor.  So I had to tell him, "That's not a bouncy ball!  You can't do that, Christian, you'll break something!" 

Mike Skinner ice

I was hanging out backstage with Mike Skinner of The Streets - I had probably won a contest or something.  He handed me a circular ice cube - didn't put it in a drink or anything, just put it in my hand.  "Here's an ice cube with my face on it," he said.  (I had seen a news story recently on Virgin Airlines serving ice cubes with Richard Branson's face on them in first-class passengers' drinks.) "Wow, it looks just like you!" I replied.  And it really did.